Review: Synthesis Art in Music BioNaif Collection Tube amp

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Italy is synonymous with beauty and good-taste… Synthesis Art in Music is an Italian audio-gear manufacturer whose products clearly convey a passion for beautiful music and good taste. Synthesis' products are compact, beautifully finished and nicely styled. They are made in a place where passion for art & elegance is the norm, not the exception! These are not ordinary boxes.

Mr. Lapini Massimiliano is an Italian audio-gear manufacturer who proposes more in the design of Synthesis audio components than the typical common industrial look and feel of his competitors. His strong loving desire to perfectly join quality musical components with highly refined aesthetics defines the true passion of Synthesis Art in Music. This company is intentionally building whole works of art… Their audio components deliver to the listener a complete visual and sonic Masterpiece. That passion for joining beautiful sound with good taste is fundamentally instilled in all Synthesis products.

The passion of this Italian Company has created an entire catalogue of varied audio components. Designed and manufactured in Italy, Synthesis components immediately endears itself to you by looking… I defy anyone not to be mildly seduced by its good looks. Their Product Catalogue is organized by wood finish; i.e. Wood, Black, Naif & BioNaif. My choice products are the BioNaif "Shine" & "And"; These two are neat and compact with highly skilled wood finish. The BioNaif Collection "Shine" is a stereo push-pull tube fixed bias 40wpc integrated amplifier & the "And" is a 24-Bit CD Player. They fit and sound beautifully together:

Synthesis products are not just pretty to look-at they are also musically intoxicating to listen. Their synergy does breathe life into a varied spectrum of musical performances. Listening to your favorite musical tracks with these audio components will certainly arouse your emotions. The midrange and top end have a wonderful liquid quality. Female and male voices are both reproduced exceptionally well, with loads of space and ambience around the performer. Live recordings, like in a nightclub, replay the intimacy of the club just right. The "Shine" & "And" are a comfortable listen; But, they are "not" spongy nor are they lacking in bite… on the contrary, this combination has punch and authority!

I'm an apartment dweller. I live with my wife in a loft-style apartment. Given our limited space, the choice of our audio gear must meet our specific requirements. Because, our two-channel audio "rig" sits right in plain view of our living-area (our audio system also doubles as our Home Entertainment Center) a very high "WAF" (Wife Acceptance Factor) is important. Yet, our most important requirement is to not compromise musicality simply for good looks.

With the help of Evan Trent from Symphony Sound we found our ideal audio system. Starting with the Synthesis "Shine" & "And" for the core of the system. We then matched "Shine" integrated-amp & "And" CD player with Revox Elegance Shelf loudspeakers. We completed the system by selecting Synergistic Research Active X-Series cables… In short we're "way-more" than just pleased!

It's a shame that Synthesis Art in Music is little known in the USA; However, Synthesis products are very well known in Europe. See the "Press" section of their web-site: Synthesis approaches the replay of recorded music as a global concept. That concept is the result of this company's global view. Their view helps better define the universal art of how recorded music should sound. They have artfully created a series of products possessing synergy by design. Synthesis Art in Music has achieved a desirable beautiful line of globally appealing audio products.

Please note I truly believe all that I expressed above; But, I must confess in fairness to the individual reviewers from around the world; e.g.UK, Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Poland, etc. Most of what I wrote is not my original word composition/thoughts. Actually, most of it is paraphrased (Well it's really blatantly plagiarized) from various global sources; However, my intentions are sincere. I simply wish to broadcast that Synthesis has achieved a beautiful line of desirable audio products that are globally appealing. Hopefully, this message gets out to the USA… Synthesis "is" Art in Music!

Associated gear
Synthesis Art In Music "AND" CD Player, Revox Elegance "Shelf" monitors & Synergistic Research X-Series Active Cables.
Synthesis  makes fantastic sounding gear.  I own their Matrix DAC and the Roma 753AC Integrated amp. Very musical sounding! Highly recommend!