Review: SVS subwoofer 20-39PC+ Subwoofer

Category: Speakers

I like to listen to rock and roll and metal however i listen to all types of music. I mostly listen to my home theater though! I like hard hitting low low bass without any boomyness! The most important part is the ultra low and clear hard hitting bass without any boomyness at all! The worst thing in most subs out there is that they are under powered and way too boomy! I have hade this sub for about 6 months now and it is and probably always will be the show stealer! Watching peoples expressions on there face when feeling this sub in action is awesome!! I had duel 8" powered mirage subs and they cannot even come close even if i hade 10 of them! When i hooked this sub up i was totaly not ready for the dramatic sound difference!! I now could feel everything in bass which i never ever felt before! I was able to audition a 18" valodine and i told the salesman i would give him my SVS if he could make the valodine beat this Svs sub for the money! Let me tell you i still have it! The svs sub was everybit as low and loud as the valodine for a fraction of the money! Don't take my word for it TRY one i gaurantee you will be convinced!!! I am not putting down Valodine either i just feel that the svs sub is as good for a whole lot less!!! Simply put the best bang for the buck! If you live in a apartment don't even think about buying one, you'll have the cops there very quickly!! I found no weaknesses at all with this sub, oh yea it also has a Bash 525 watt powered amp on it! Even if money was no object i would never replace this sub!!!!! ABSOLUTLY THE BEST SUB FOR THE MONEY!

Associated gear
Outlaw 950 pre amp
Outlaw 750 amp
Nad 2700 amp
Dennon 1600 dvd player
Klipsch rc7 center channel speakers for the three fronts in maple.
Klipsch rb5 for the four rear speakers in maple.
Bybee signature ac power filter.
Mit stableizer.
Toshiba 16 x 9 42" HD tv.

Similar products
mirage duel 8" powered sub but isn't even close to be compred too! I heard 18" valodine for 4 x as much $ which is all i can compare this sub too!!!!!!!
They look industrial with car carpet finish but they sound just great in a HT system and nothing touchs them for quality of performance and price.

I could not be more pleased with mine.
I have one for trial, but it won't be going back. I've owned a few subs, Infinity Kapa-212, Definitive Tech PS-15, Klipsch (can't remember model, had 12" driver), and a NHT-SW3, and have heard numerous others including a few I really liked by M&K, REL and Vandersteen. I got rid of each sub after a short period of time because I wasn't happy with the way they integrated with my system and I could never get the kind of cohesive sound and performance I was looking for. I read a ton of positive reviews about this sub and since you get the trial period figured I would give it a try. All I can say is WOW! It may not be the nicest looking sub around, but man is it a performer. Clean, fast and detailed. I was able to dial it right in with a pair of Maggie MMG's (soon to be replaced by 1.6's) which is not an easy task. They have bass you can feel and are great for music and movies. I really like how you can integrate this sub without the usual midbass hump. You forget it's even there until needed and then it roars to life just as a good sub should. I don't think it's going to be long before SVS becomes a real power house in the sub industry.
I have used the unamplified version of this for many years (mine is serial number 00003) and while it is one of the least expensive components in my system, I have zero plans to "upgrade" it. This sub absolutely delivers. Sometimes people talk about "HT subs" and "music subs." For some reason, because of the appearance of the SVS cylinder subs, particular individuals have insisted that it is "for HT" and not for music. Be assured, this is a musical sub! If it's not musical in your setting, you've got it positioned incorrectly.