Review: Superphon Revelation III Preamplifier

Category: Preamps

Hello once again avid audiophiles,
As it breaks in, the New Superphon Revelelation III preamp proves to be a unique, outstanding piece of audio equipment, ever! As I told you in my last review, I truly believe it is a must in your system. I have been quickly listening to all of my discs and behold the Revelation III brings out the best in all of audio. Today I am listening to the wonderful recording, "Tito Puente, Special Delivery. This recording is available through Concord Jazz, I personally saw,and heard the late Tito Puente in concert, in Pittsburgh Pa. about a month before his untimely death. I was so astounded by his wonderful artistry of the percussion, the timbale, vibes,and latin instrument par excellence ! , and upon just recieving a brand new, Stan Warren modifed JVC XVN310 B DVD player along with his new Revelation III, I quickly appreciated the percussion of Mr. Puente much more ! Mind you, this player can be bought at your local department store for about $49.99. All of this is being reproduced through the new Aperion Intimus series speakers, which I also highly recommend ! In total, 10 Intimus 522Ds and a pair of Intimus S12 twelve inch, 250 watt powered subwoofers, a designated sub for both the left and the right channels. Never before has great audio been so affordable ! Mr. Warren is now in the process of redefining high end audio at a resonable price and his new line of Superphon amplifiers to come will prove to be of great value for the price. I most invite you to enjoy what I have ! Happy listening ! Vince

Associated gear
Superphon SA 120
I have had my Rev III for about two months now and am also very favorably impressed with it's performance. It gets out of the way and lets you experience the music much more directly.
Female vocals are luscious in their harmonic fullness and it also breathes dynamic life into a performance. It has an effortless way with the music,no passage is too complex or too
dynamic for it to deal with. Highly recommended!