Review Stillpoints Ultra SS speakers/subwoofers

Since a few months I use the Ultra SS under my speakers ( Monitor Audio PL-200) and subwoofer. ( Monitor Audio PLW-15) There is one important thing I learned; how much quality you loose with spikes. Like details are floating away.

I have done thousend of tests in audio in over 16 years of time. The main reason is to know and understand the properties of these tools. When you are aware of the properties you can use them to the max.

Every single tool ( speaker, amp, source, cable, conditioner, vibration controlers etc) owns his own properties. Together with the acoustics and electricity of the room you get the overall sound.

The Ultra SS gave me new oppertunities to influence the overall sound I had. These options gave me more freedom to reach an even higher level of the overall sound.

In the last 7 years I put a lot of focus on 3 dimensional sound. Because this part is the most thrilling and convincing part of highend audio. Stillpoints and the Ultra SS as well improves this part dramaticly. It makes the stage wider and deeper. But instruments and voices stil keep the right proportions. The individual focus of instruments and voices become a lot more apparent. The same thing can be said about the black level. It makes focussing on just one part of the recording more easy.

I played a song I know well first with spikes on my speakers. The same song I played with the Ultra SS. In only 2 seconds you are aware of how big the differences are with them. The first thing what amazed me is how much more air and openness there is. You even hear new details.

It lowers the noise floor. You can even play louder with less stress. It sounds more relaxt even in the mid freq. Like all the colours of the mid freq. are more defined.

But what amazed me most was the difference in timing. Like you are re-clocking your whole set. The difference in speed stunning. Beside that the control is a lot better and you hear more layers, the energy you can feel is what brings the overall sound to a 'new' level. Now you even can feel the energy of the strings of a cello. ( even at low level) It made listening to my beloved music even more addictive than it already was.

With my subwoofer (Monitor Audio PLW-15) the differences were stunning as well. My subwoofer uses a 15 inch speaker unit made of ceramics and alluminium. ( weight 18.5 kilo) This give it in his price range one of the or even the fastest responses. Together with the Ultra SS the timing is fast like a rocket. It gives you a much more natural sounding low freq. The level of what I call stealth integration with the speakers is even got better. Very small details like strings you can feel the energy. Even at very low levels. This 'new' speed gives you so much more pleasure during listening.

Beside the big improvements in sound they look stunning. I had them in my hands for a long time. Only to see how they are made and feel. Even on my speakers and Subwoofer it looks stunning. Like they belong to the speakers and subwoofer.

What keeps comming back in my mind is why speaker manufacturers still use spikes for there speakers and subwoofers. Especially the more espensive speakers. You loose too much quality in the overall sound.

These Ultra SS Stillpoints have become a new tool what gives me the opportunity to reach an even higher endresult in the overall sound. When I would have know that they are this good I would have bought them a long time ago.
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Bo, thanks for the review. Do you mind advising:
3 or 4 stillpoints under each?
Do they rest on carpet, wood, or tile floors?
are they screwed into the speakers or just sitting on them?
If screwed into the, how did you do it? Still points or after market and what size threader?
If threaded, did you leave room between the speaker and the footer or did you screw it right in?
Do you have stillpoints on any other component?

I use 4 also under the speakers and subwoofer. It is a lot more stable and it looks a lot better. I also use 4 Ultra mini's under my streamer.

For those who have Facebook, see pictures:
You can use different adapter in different lengths and sizes. So you can use them instead of your spikes. And yes you screw them right into the speaker and subwoofer.

When I will update my amp to Pass labs 350.8 I will buy a set of 4 of the Ultra 5.

For my streamer I had the same stunning outcome:

good luck!
Have you compared these to the Nordost SortFut?

Thanks. I would appreciate any comments.
I will assume that you still haven't compared them to Apprentice platforms because of how ugly they are.
I see in the pics you have them on hardwood floors. How do you think they would do on carpet?
Dear Roxy,

In the Netherlands I could not find it. What I said many times; in the US you have many different brands which never will come to us overhere. I still think the platforms will work fine as well. I choose for the Stillpoints cause of the quality but also for the looks. I said that before as well.

And yess it will work also well on carpet. In the US you can buy many stuff and try it for 30 days. We don't have this freedom in Europe. Often it is 8 or 14 days max.
Thank you for the fine contribution of the review to the audiogon group here. Nicely done. I would like to get some ultras now.
No mister Perry I did not. I sold Nordost for over 9 years of time. I don't sell it anymore.

I know them but I did not hear a demo with them. Maybe I invite the Nordost dealer and bring them with him. I saw they are more expensive than the Ultra SS. The looks is ok, but does not even come close to the Ultra SS.

My question is; did anyone compare them here at Audiogon?
Hello Bol1972,
You do not sell Nordost anymore. Do you sell/represent Stillpoints now?

Thanks for the good review. I am thinking of doing this for my speakers...
I do consulting in sound&vision. I am always looking for new tools which give me a higher endresult in sound. That is what they give me.

I became Stillpoint dealer a few months ago.
I became Stillpoint dealer a few months ago.

That information should be in the review.
I told many times that I do consulting. I live on the other side of the world!
Thanks for your response. I do understand now that they are not readily available to you where you live, just as there are products that are not available to us here in the U.S.
I am a great fan of Stillpoints and use the origonal units and now the Ultras under my turntable. There is another excellent choice to consider, at a comparibly high price, I am afraid and that is Track audio isolation feet. I have used them under my Daedalus speakers for about 2 years, after trying spikes, granite blocks, Finite Element Cerapucs etc. They made a very significant difference, tighter and deeper base a generally crisper, more detailed sound.

I have not compared them with the Ultras, but would recommend trying them, if you can get ho;ld of demo sets, they are available in the US

Hello how are you one palcer, I live in Argentina and I am known orionpc, he put the debate that amp is better for Wilson Sasha, I tell you as I see you got doubts the line 8 of Pass Labs, in my opinion are a great step forward against the line .5 at all, much more fluid sound, enhanced bass, treble sweeter, less noise, resulting in much better stereo image with better recreation of instrumentalities !! I have extensive experience in pass Labs , XA-30.8, and sold three units, and all customers !! fascinated, I also sold about 8 months ago an X-350.8, with speakers B & W 802Diamond, and the truth is that the result was magnificent !!! much higher old X-350 speakers use !! Tell me that, and I give my opinion !! also I really liked your review of Purist powercord Limited Edition, this marac sell it more than 12 years ago in Argentina and the LE, is the cable I use in my Esoteric K-01X, in my pre Pass Labs XP-30, also concidero that is sensational !! I recently bought the powers Pass Labs XA-160.8, and the truth is that are incredible !!! Maybe I pass my system! These replaced a Krell CX-700, which I still !! also excellent !!!
I also agree with you that are Stillpoint not believe !! They are expensive but when you put in the balance, contributing to improved sound worth it !! I use Ultra Five 8 units, for my Wilson Sasha 2 and have three units Ultra Six bases, below the Esoteric K-01, the clock Esoteric G-02, you place 3 units of Nordost Sort Kone BC, and power Pass XA-160.8, I put 3 units of Nordost TC, the pre XP-30, for a subject high you place loas base HRS NINBUS SISTEM, the XA-160.8, powers powercord place les 2 Furutech NANOFLUX, they are also at the height of the LE Purist or even are even better !! in Shunyata Triton I have a powercord ANACONDA ZT, and the Esoteric G-02, have a Shunyata Digital Sigma, cable IC, I Purist Canorus Praesto XLR pre and power, and for K-01, I have Transparent REF XL MM2 optimized for K-01 / XP-30, but alternate with Furutech Lineflux and Kimber Select 1136, and finally to speaker cable use a TRANSPARENT REFERENCE XL MM2 custom Wilson / Pass, the last thing I need is the BNC cable for the clock there I have, Purist Canorus, Transparent REF XL, and Furutech Digiflux with Rodhium Carbon connectors, also the Limited Edition of Purist replace them with the original x Furutech FI-50/51, as tokens of current to the wall Oyaide use F-1 and a Furutech GTX-D (R) Good any doubt your orders !!!

Best Regards

Adrian Molina