Review: Space-Tech-Labs RV-101 Tweak

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Space-Tech-Labs RV-101.
Simple review for a simple component.
I wanted a remote control to adjust volume without coloring the sound. I initially tried the Creek OBH-10. I wanted this unit to work as described because it was inexpensive (150 on ebay) The obh-10 funtioned fine but added a slight but noticeable "solid state noise" to the sound. It was not transparent. I placed the unit between my cd and pre amp. I did not think think that such a simple component would have any effect on my system.
I then went back to Albert at Space-Tech-Labs and had a RV-101 remote built to match the rest of my Space-Tech-Labs system. As expected it is transparent and adds nothing to the sound. It does not switch input sources. It just adjusts and mutes volume, the functions I needed.
I just wish that I had added it to my pre amp when I had it built in the first place. It definately enhances the listening experience to stay in my seat when I want to adjust the volume, stay seated to mute when the phone rings.

Associated gear
Zingali Overture .3S horn/bass reflex speakers biamped
Jolida JD100 cd player
Space-Tech-Labs Q-113 pre amp
Space-Tech-Labs HP-50 power amp
Space-Tech-Labs SE-6AS7G SE power amp
Outlaw 950 and 7100 for HT

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