Review: Space Tech Lab QA-001 Tube preamp

Category: Preamps

Let me start by stating that I make no claim of being a
golden eared audiophile.This is my first foray into
seperate components.I have owned at least a dozen mid-fi
audio systems over the past 25 years.I will not compare
these components with any others,all I can comment on is
how this system sounds to me in my listening enviroment.It was time to replace my NAD C350 integrated amp.I chose a solid state power amp that fit my budget and power needs.
The choice of pre amp would be difficult.I wanted a tube
pre amp but could'nt find one that fit my tight budget.
After posting a question at this site,I received an email
from Riley804 suggesting I take a look Space Tech Lab.I
contacted them,and after a lengthy conversation I decided
to take a gamble and ordered their basic no frills QA-001.
The gamble has paid off!This combination of components
gives me the best sound I have had in my home.The sound is
well detailed, spacious and open.I listen to alot of hard
rock and modern electric blues.All of the well recorded
cd's sound as if live, and in front front of me.This pre amp
is more than I expected and I am very happy with it.

Associated gear
Rotel RB1050 power amp
NAD C521 cd player
PSB Image 5t loudspeakers
Vampire cc interconnects
Kimber 8vs speaker cable