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Soundsilver Trilogy - Affordable Excellence in a pure silver Interconnect

Last year Stewart Prior, a longstanding audiophile from West Islip,N.Y. formed a company called Soundsilver. He predominantly sells his offerings through the Audiogon.

Soundsilver recently introduced a pure silver interconnect for an introductory price of $69.00 US which defies the laws for performance and affordability.

The Trilogy consists of THREE solid pure silver parralel conductors in varying gauges per channel for the signal plus DUAL solid core copper grounds braided around the signal wires to ensure greater clarity, depth of soundstage, superior imaging and a silent background.

Soundsilver cables are constructed of pure .999 soft annealed solid silver wire made in the U.S.A., individually hand polished to remove any surface contaminants, sheathed in Teflon®, Switchcraft ® gold plated rca plugs, and Cardas silver soldered.

Although the switchcraft rca’s are inexpensive due to the fact that they are used predominantly in studio & professional audio applications, and have not been marketed as audiophile “jewellery”, they are considered one of the best built and best sounding rca’s on the market.

Ken Shindo, founder of Shindo Labs considers Switchcraft to be the best-sounding rca connectors regardless of cost, and uses them exclusively on his superb Shindo Silver interconnects costing a thousand dollars per pair.

How do the Sound silver Trilogy's sound compared to the value leaders of the silver interconnects sold on the Audiogon?

Compared to the Mac Ultrasilver + and Aural Thrills silver braided interconnects which typically sell for under $100 US on the Audiogon they are smoother, more transparent, and offer a superior separation of instruments and voices.

In comparison to the Antipodes Katipo silver and Auricle Audio Design "Encore!" solid - silver kapton/limited edition interconnects which both retail for just under $500.00 US they lack a very “slight” refinement quality but otherwise are very close in sonic quality.

The Soundsilver Trilogy silver interconnects are the best affordable silver interconnects I have come across, to date. Stewart’s dedication to his products & customer service is passionate. Highly recommended.

Stewart offers a Fourteen (14) day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

He has developed a loyal following of satisfied customers from the USA, Canada and around the world as a result of providing passionate courteous service and not overcharging for international shipping.

I am solely a satisfied customer and am not affiliated with Stewart prior or Soundsilver in any way.

Associated gear
EE Minimax preamp
EE minimax amo
Audiospace tube CD player
Green Mountain Europa speakers
Bogdan Goldy speaker cables

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