Review: Sound Approach 20FT Speaker cable

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Budget esoterica review magazine
October 2012

I would like to introduce the audiogon community to a stereo store that goes by the name of sound approach. They have an online website that has some cutting edge products. The sound approach speaker cable sells for the bargain price of $13.00 for 20 feet of cable. The cable is 16 gauge , four conductor, with a pvc white jacket. I terminated the cable with the excellent and inexpensive ram electronics bfa connectors and installed them in a stereo system based on the qinpu A-6000 amplifier. The green and black conductors were twisted together for the ground function and the white and red were twisted together to make the positive connector. I would like to give you the following listening impressions that will help clarify the strengths of this cable.

The marlena shaw cd titled "the spice of life", is an excellent soul and blues jazz cd recorded in 1966. I listened to track number two and noted that the harmonica had good depth with appropriate steeliness. The vocals are clear with good levels of neutrality and also had a good expression of emotion and intelligibility. The drums are well placed just behind the plane of the right speaker and have an analog like and bouncy sound to them.

If you are a frank sinatra fan then the cd titled strangers in the night should be near the top of your list. Track number six had good tone and the horns were smooth and non-fatiguing. The pace and timing is excellent and the music sounds like it is slowed down with a good sense of separation. You can hear the tension in frank's voice building up as the song plays , and the vocals seem to project air a little.

The grachan moncur III cd titled "some other stuff", has some excellent musicians playing together, including wayne shorter and herbie hancock. The last track has some really interesting sound effects that i liked. I listened to track number three and noticed that the trombone has a forward sound and seems to project a little beyond the front plane of the speaker. The wood blocks at the beginning are clear with a slightly woody sound. The cymbal brush work is clean and detailed and the highs are glassy and slightly crisp. The piano sounds full and accurate.

I like the band known as "traffic", and one of the reasons is because they sometimes infuse a little twinge of jazz into their songs. The cd titled "john barleycorn must die" is an excellent disc. I used the title track as my reference. This track can sound a little edgy and mechanical on some systems, but here it seemed to be a little more organic sounding. The vocals seem to be close to neutral and you can understand most of the lyrics. The guitar sounds clean and smooth. The flute has good timbre and sounds like it was close-miked, as you can hear the flute mouth opening clearly.


airy sound
good resolution
good detail retrieval
pure mid-range
slight vocal projection


possibly limited at the frequency extremes

For the price , i don't think you can go wrong with the sound approach speaker cables. They are affordable and come in an attractive white pvc jacket. They offer you a neutral and airy sound with good levels of resolution and detail.

Associated gear
Sony playstation PP1 with cereballs
Quinpu A-6000
Madisound vifa studio speakers
Virtue audio nirvana ic
Atacama stands

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A note from the editor of budget esoterica review magazine:

The stock tubes that come with the qinpu A-6000 were replaced with GE JAN 5670W tubes.