Review: Sony SC-D777es CD Player

Category: Digital

i have had the sony sc-d777es since Jan 01.this is definetly a player that needs break-in.after almost 60 days the redbook playback finally got into a place where it sounded not bad.Out of the box i did not like it so has filter settings you can use but honestly i can't hear much of a let's look at the SACD mode.this is by far the closest i have heard music in the digital domain that is very near analog sound.Duke Ellington's Blues in Orbit cd is a great cd to do a comparsion with,play the cd layer first and then the SACD layer-you can hear a much better sound in SACD mode it seems that the music just sounds more like analog.if you can on the back of the player there is a switch to put the player in the custom mode-be careful though it can blow some speakers.without a doubt one of the best CD/SACD players in the out of production-if you can find one-grab it-this player weighs almost 56 pounds-******5star cd player.