Review: Sony DVP-SR500H CD Player

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This is a review of the sony DVP-SR500H dvd player used strictly as a cd player.

As most audiophiles know the sony playstation one model number SCPH-1001 is regarded as a budget cd player that can compete with models up to the $500 range. It is also listed as a class C component in the highly revered stereophile magazine. I am here to tell you i have discovered a modern day replacement that can equal and better it, and it costs just $50.

Before i get on with the review i will tell you that my favorite music to listen to is jazz. I agree with the stereophile philosophy that the sins of stereo gear should be of omission rather than commission, which is to say that i prefer a neutral and pure sound. I don't like systems that perform excellent in one area and poor in other areas. I look for a well balanced sound.

I picked out 3 cd's that i am going to use as my reference discs.:

1. Cassandra Wilson, New moon daughter, Track 12 Harvest moon.
2. Dave Holland Quartet, Conference of the birds, Track 2 Q & A.
3. Bruce Springsteen, The wild, the innocent & the E Street Shuffle, Track 2 Sandy.

I compared both sony cd players , without tweeks and with stock power cords. On the Cassandra Wilson selection, Harvest moon, i had a hard time differentiating the 2 players, however the sony playstation seemed to have a more seductive, sweeter, and refined sound and possibly slightly rounder imaging.

On the Dave holland selection it was no contest. The sony dvd player had a more harmonically complete sound with a little less grain. It was also better at conveying musical texture and seemed to also have a smoother sound.

The Bruce Springsteen selection entitled "sandy", had better stability and wider imaging than the sony playstation.

At this point , after living with the sony DVP-SR500H for a period of 3 weeks , i can unequivocally say that i have dismissed the legend sony playstation and declared the Sony DVP-SR500H the new budget player to beat. As far as i can tell the dvd player only commits the sin of omission in the frequency extremes. But i am still saving my paper route money for the Rega Appollo. :)

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Tara Labs prism reference power cord
Monster xphp speaker cable terminated with dayton audio bfa connectors

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