Review: Sony DVP-S9000es CD Player

Category: Digital

I've wanted one of these babies for over a year. I've had other Sony ES CD players in the past and found them to be of excellent quality. Finally got my DVP-S9000es on ebay for just over $500 and could not be more pleased. My first listening session was with Diana Krall's concert DVD - Live in Paris. The sound and picture quality are just stunning. I could not hear or see any imperfections. Then I moved on to Mondo Head's KODO SACD disk and got goose bumps when I listenned to track 7 "Daraijin". Clear, clean and very dynamic playback of SACD. On regular CD's this unit does an excellent job. All my CD's sounded just as they did on most of the fine CD players I had used before, including the Meridian 596 and the Sony CDP-X777es.

I like the fact that it plays SACD's in stereo only, as I'm not a big fan of multichannel music (yet).

This unit has lots of charisma, it is very well built and beautiful to look at and does everything you ask it to do very well. The only little complaint is that it does not read CD-R's at all. Aside from that it is one of the best DVD/SACD/CD players available today; and that at a very reasonable price.

Associated gear
Linar 250W/ch power amp, Linar preamplifier-2, Dunlavy SC-III speakers, Nordost Red Dawn and Blue Heaven Cables.

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Fna, good review. I just picked up a used 9000 and not sure if I should run through my Theta Digital DAC (understanding would lose the SACD capability on SACDs). I have tried A/B tests and they seem fairly close, however, with the DAC, the sound is more analog.

I had the same problem with my EAD Theatermaster Ovation preamp. Decided to sell the Sony. Excellant player for DVD but the Ovation's DAC 's are so good that I really didn't need this player as a transport. So I sold and p/up a EAD Theatervision to go w/ the Ovation
I also own one of these Sony DVP-S9000ES players. The build quality is fantastic. Appearance is also top notch. Sound quality with SACD sources is basically a function of the record quality of the disc itself. Santana Abraxas sounds like a very high quality remastering of an almost thirty year old recording. I believe, until we get DSD masters in the pipeline, the real value of SACD will remain unrealized. On playback of standard CD's it is smooth and very refined, with good detail retrieval, but simply can't hold a candle to my Theta Data II and Theta Pro Basic IIIa combo. DVD playback is quite impressive, comparable to my Sony DVP-S7700. I would purchase this piece again. I guess that speaks volumes.
i also love my 9000ES,but want to no if anyone else had the
the problem with the door not opening when you push eject on
the would start to come out,then go back in.the people at sony told me to unplug the unit then,plug backup
and try it.i got my unit new for $1100.00 & think this should not happen at this price point.also some hybrid sacds
will not play the sacd layer in this player.i also own the
999ES player,even though it's not as "massive" as the 9000 it sound just as good,without the hickups.
hello guy
i wondering,have anyone ever try to combine both output by using
y adapter out of dvp-s9000.Because it seem that the upper
one was more on high freguency,lower was more on low freguency,just curious?
I also own this dvp-s9000es I tried a few CD-R's they are playing fine on my CD player. It seems depending on the brand of CD-R's. The brand (Taiyo Yuden from this link: use is a little pricy but it works well.
I am sorry, I should correct the above statment that dvp-s9000es does not work on CD-R's. It works with DVD-Rs Taiyo Yuden from this link:
I own 2 Sony DVP-s9000 CD Players. Both sound better than anything I've owned under a Grand on CDs. Possibly because all of my SACDs are Hybrids, the CD Layers of these sound hardly different from the SACD layers: Damned Good, in any case!