Review: Sony CDP-X779es CD Player

Category: Digital

I have owned my X779ES since new in 95. I was getting ready to give up on CD players at the time and go back to strictly vinyl when I came accross the Sony CDP X779ES. I hated the cd sound of all the players I owned before. They were much too bright and sterile sounding. MY X779 ES is the champagne colored edition which I have read was for the Japanese market. They seem to be more critical than most. The first thing I said about this player was wow it is warm almost like a record. Now 7 years later I say wow this is a well built player. I still have not had a single problem. The sound is still the best I have heard and that includes the krells I have heard at the Local hi-fi shop. I think it has a sweeter warmer sound. Much less harsh and sterile sounding than the Krell and much easier on the pocket book to boot. I see why stereophile rated it a B recommended component. Probably would have gotten an A recommendation if it cost more.

Associated gear
Acurus A250 Power amp, Conrad Johnson PV 4 preamp.BIC Realta speakers.Kimber Cable

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