Review: Sonus Faber Grand Piano Speaker

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I admit this a copy and paste of my submission from april 11-2002. The only thing that has changed...I like them even more after hearing other speakers.

I brought these speakers home after months of demo sessions with various products listed below. While others may have exceeded in different areas such as bass depth, details, and sheer in-your-face volume, none could provide me with the overall enjoyment delivered by the Grand Pianos. Given the right source and amplifier, this speaker sounds incredible, as do most other Sonus Faber speakers. The soundstage is very large and real, giving you a sense of "being there" with the performers. The detail and tonal accuracy is simply stunning. Imaging is spot-on and performers can be "seen" moving in Opera recordings. Vocalists sound real, every hint of breath and raspiness is revealed.
While not the best speaker for loud rock, it offers amazing dynamics with snare drums and electronic music. The Grand Pianos don't have deep bass punch but low piano notes, cellos, and stand-up bass sound more genuine than I have ever heard (except live of course)
In terms of appearance they are stunning, being classy but not overbearing. Construction quality is top-notch, among the best I have seen.
If you are shopping for a speaker in this price range, give them a listen. Just make sure they are demoed with really good amps.

Associated gear
Linar Audio Pre-Amplifier 2
Linar Audio 250 Power Amplifer
Rega Planet 2000 CD Player
Acoustic Zen Silver Ref Interconnect
Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref Interconnect
Acoustic Zen Hologram MkII Speaker Cables
Acoustic Zen Tsunami Power Cord

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I just picked up a pair 2 weeks ago and right out of the box they sounded very good. I can't wait til they settle in and break in. (A follow up review will be forth comming) I noticed that there is alot of air around the instruments. And bass response was exceptional for the size of the drivers. The highs were open and airy and clear as well. I listen to all types of music; rock, pop, jazz, classical, new age, etc. And the fabers do a good job on all that I've listened to. I'm in the process of upgrading my old carver 1.0t amp (thinking of getting a matching levinson amp). Using a ML 38S pre and Proceed CDP as source. The fabers replace the vienna-mozarts and the upgrade was worth it! Not knocking the mozarts they are very good speaker and I enjoyed them.