Review: Sonus Faber Concerto Speaker

Category: Speakers

The set up I outline is a second system I have put together.
The Concertos were originally bought to be used as rear surrounds. It killed me every time I looked at them sitting there not being used as they were meant to be. I mostly use them to listen to Jazz and classical, with some other types of music thrown in. I used them to replace a set of speakers I had made. I have had these for about 6 months now. They sound wonderful. I usually grade a speaker by how it sounds playing certain tracks with piano. A speaker will not usually last very long with me if it doesnt sound right. The sound is exceptional for its size. It wont play the lower octaves with any authority but it does the job. I am currently planning a crossover that will utilize my old speakers woofers to play below 100hz. The strengths abound with these. I can honestly say after I had set them up and listened a grin appeared on my face! The only weakness I can see or hear is the bass. It is a little on the weak side, nothing a quality sub-woofer wouldnt cure though. Dont skimp on the sub and mess up the sound of these little gems. Would I still own them if money were no object? Most likely. They would still be a fifth or sixth system (If money were no object that would mean I had plenty of money, and a much larger listening room/rooms) Wonderful speakers at the price. Find them used and you definately can not go wrong!

Associated gear
Audio Alchemy DLC Pre-Amp, AA DDE 1.0, DIY SE Tub Amps (mono-blocks), Esoteric P5 Transport XLO Pro Spkr wire, Kimber Hero interconnects.

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