Review: Snap-Tex Acoustical Panels 4ft. model Tweak

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The following review is in light of the recent introduction of a new product into the audio world. For many years, audiophiles have been somewhat limited to options on obtaining room treatments for their listening rooms. Projects usually ended up being a DIY project which for the most part, were fairly effective, but fell short in appearance and WAF. The other option was to buy professionally made panels which were anything but cost effective and were extremely limited in room placement, portability, and fabric selections.

Having participated as an co-exhibitor at T.H.E. Show in Las Vegas along with Karl Schuemann, designer of the Ultimate Monitor we knew prior to going to the show that there would most likely be problems with how a typical hotel room performed acoustically. I suggested to Karl that we contact a company in Seattle which I had experience in purchasing RPG products that were manufactured in their shop. The timing was perfect. Ken Huber, Snap-Tex Northwest spokesman and director, said they were in the process of developing and prototyping a new series of panels for home and studio listening environments. Several days passed and soon I was looking at the final production. “Very nice”, I thought. Four feet high by 2 feet wide, and sculpted with a nicely sculpted curved face which ranged from six inches thick down to around 2.25 inches. Finished on all planes with an attractive cobalt gray material. Solid top and bottom molded structure to allow free standing application and placement anywhere in the room. Six panels in total went into the truck, along with all the speakers and electronics and clothing. We were off to rub shoulders with the big boys.
We arrived at our destination in the evening and did a quick set up. The next day, which was the day before the show started, was spent trying various furniture, speaker, panel locations and running spectral analysis on the room. To put this event in perspective. We were two exhausted dudes by the end of the day. Luckily, Ken had asked the co-designer of the panels who happens to be an expert in designing and solving room acoustical problems to assist us in the initial analysis of the room and setup. What we started with on Thursday morning and ended up with on Thursday night were the difference between day and night.
The panels performed as designed and we actually ended up with a pretty straight panel location but were able to fine tune the room by moving speakers closer to the panels or panels to the speaker location. Summed up, the panels were a major contributor to our efforts.
NOW, the really good news. And first off, let me reveal that I am not associated financially with Snap-Tex. I simply would like to see others use their panels which are beautifully made, inexpensive for a commercially made product and have so much versatility to offer. You can view a picture of our room setup which was at the St. Tropaz, Room 1509 right here on Audiogon’s coverage of the whole event.
So how much do these 4ft. babies run? $625. Now go look up the cost of other commercially made panels and hold on.
There is also an ad in the Accessories (Tweaks section) to get another look and a representation of the curved face described above. They are available in three different levels of absorption and reflective combinations.
Do yourself a favor and contact this superb gentleman and designer.

Snap-Tex Northwest
Ken Huber 1143 NW 52nd Street
Seattle, WA 98107
Phone: 206-789-2413
Fax: 206-789-3699

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