Review: Snake River Audio Mamushis Interconnect

Category: Cables

Living With The Snake River Audio Mamushis!

Ever since I heard the Snake River Audio Mamushis interconnects, I fell in love with their reproduction of music. That is no secret.

On a Sunday afternoon, I took the Mamushis out of my system because I needed them for a photo session, and hooked up my old copper interconnects. A famous brand name, but they sounded so very thin and slow that I changed them with another very expensive pair of silver cables. I listened to a few CDs but everything seemed so disembodied, it was weird.

I put on one of my favourite CDs and noticed that with female and male voices, the artists sounded like they were rehearsing or something. The drummers sounded like they had lost interested, the guitarists were just playing along a bit, leaving few space for a bit of improvising. The wide soundstage that the Mamushis present seemed so very narrow, as if the whole band was packed together in a tiny room. The vocalists ran out of breath often, the band without steam. I have lived with these cables for over a decade! Then the Mamushis come along and they just do away with the competition. Now, that is what I call an amazing achievement.

If you possibly can, buy a pair of them. I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. Like me, you will be very pleasantly surprised and throw out your million dollar cables! Trust me!

Now I’m just waiting for the Jararacas to be released. If the Mamushis are already such awesome performers, imagine what the Jararacas will be capable of!

I know that those shall put Snake River Audio on the high-end map as soon as they are being released. Although, Snake River Audio should be on the high-end map already because of their Mamushis. If you are ready to invest in a new pair of interconnects and you want the best, you might want to consider the Snake River Audio Mamushis. The money you save you can use towards the purchase of a pile of CDs or vinyl records. The choice is yours, make it a wise one!
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