Review: Sistrum Mini-Minitor Platform Support-SMM 1 Stand

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This is my first, and perhaps my only chance, to review something that no one, other than a very few, have experienced. Usually, by the time a review hits the Audiogon, it has been reviewed adnauseam. I was so excited, like a kid in a toy store, about these stands that I just had to try this. Well here goes.
About 6 months ago I was recommended to Star Sound Technologies/Audiopoints, through a post in Audiogon, responding to concerns I had about subwoofer resonances. It was, at this time, that I became aware, through reading literature and phone conversations, about the science of resonance energy transfer. I thought, like most of us, to isolate or decouple my subwoofer. The de-coupling process, as you all know, is an accepted way to achieve isolation from vibrations within and surrounding components/speakers. One of the basic rules of physics is that all energy seeks earth's ground. There are huge amounts of resonances that accumulate in and on the surface of speaker cabinets. Also, the speaker, itself, produces a wide range of frequencies, generating large amounts of resonances that are airborne. How can you isolate anything from airborne energy? You can't. Star Sound Tech believes that absorptive materials kill live dynamics. They believe that their system of energy transference is a more precise method to controlling resonance, yet maintain, or even extend the levels of live dynamics. They have developed a new, revolutionary,cutting edge, speaker support system utilizing principles that they have been utilizing in their, already, sucessful Sistrum Rack Systems, that allows the speaker generated resonances and the associated airborner resonances to happen. If it vibrates; let it. This is a concept that we just don't hear about. Absorb, absorb. Isolate, isolate! Well, their speaker support system is a complex vibrating conduit, composed of a secret (patent pending) metallurgy formula, and added geometrical design that directs, very expeditiously, resonances to earth's ground with no back-feeding effects. Now, this is as technical as I am willing and feel competent to go.
Okay already, you're thinking. Where are you going with this? What about the sound? That's the deal isn't it? Well it 'tis and it's really quite astonishing. I am a very tough sell, and not easily influenced by what anyone says, but rather what my ears tell me. I'm very confident in them, and am not easily moved to what's popular
and "in vogue." My ears have never steered me wrong. Now with that whole rap, you say, who the hell am I? Just a simple audio lover like you guys, trying to get the word out about something special going on in the land of speakerstandom. The sound of my system has dramatically changed particularly (profoundly is really a better word. I'm trying not to be overdramatic) in the bass and midrange. Less amplifier power needed, as a result, since there is no absorption to deaden the sound. The sound is out of this world effortless, more focused, tighter, not harsh, and nonfatiguing. I know this sounds like a cable review, but it's so freak'n dramatic. I'm not one for all the ubiquitous, adjectival, mumbo jumbo descriptive talk. It's still, just words. Check these babies out, and go where no man, but me and a few others, have gone before. I never realized the deleterious effect (absorptive) stands have on the music. They are as important a component as any in an audio system. If you go by (I do) the premise that a system is as good as it's weakest link: this is one link that is having a major affect on my system. I'm not Sam Tellig, or nearly competent as he, but I love this hobby and I truly feel that I have come across something drop dead amazing. By the way, these stands are aesthetically cool design wise. Like nothing you've every seen. If you read more on their website you'll, perhaps like I did, find their technical concepts to be solid, believable and ultimately provable: with your ears.
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Associated gear
YBA Integre amp
Micro Mega Stage 1 CD player
Revel M 20 speakers
Lat international cables, interconnects,powercords
Sunfire Architectural subwoofer
Sistrum speaker platform for subwoofer
Audio Magic Stealth
All components coupled including rack with Audio Points.

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How much does this platform cost?

$1295 for this one - I believe there is a younger brother for around $700 too.
I got the sistrum racks for my whole a/v system and they are fantastic. Pretty cool to look at too. The sound difference is obvious and immediate.
Although I have yet to be convinced by anyone claiming that vibrational transfer can be a one-way street, or that vibrations seek 'ground' like electricity, I do agree that speakers sound best when rigidly coupled to a non-resonant floor, and that means through a rigid stand if they're small monitors. Thanks for a nicely-done review, and I will check out the website for the manufacturer.
You can't get any more rigid than this stand. Each cone weighs 25 pounds and is seriously coupled to the floor via audio points. My speakers sit atop these and feel like they're sitting on a cement floor.

I, too used the Sistrum SP-1 for my Velodyne HGS-18II and did notice tighter bass and less boomy. I also placed the SP-4 between the Linbrooks monitor and stand filled with Systrum micro bearings. Again, the bass is tighter, more sparkle on the trebles, better soundstaging. I also tried their hookup wires for the Linbrooks's outboard crossovers with better result in comparision to the stock DH Labs T-14 cables.
If anyone is using the Sistrum audio rack, please let me know if it makes a difference.

Thanks and best regards,
I have been to their website and can find no platform with the designation of 'SMM 1' that you mention in the title. Can't find 2 platforms that add up to $1295. Is this a product that is not on the website?

I have the 5 shelf rack with brass rod inserts and microbearing fill and 2" audiopoints. I have a tube pre on the top shelf and if I tap it with my finger I can hear the ping running down the rack. Stop laughing, you could too. It is very functional and very cool looking. It's no RixRack to look at but it's a least a component upgrade to my ears.
Sistrum all around in my system. On a post over a year ago I reported that I could hear the Sistrum platforms under my Dunlavy speakers buzzing like a nat in heat. These products are obviously being excited by resonance from the world placed upon them and are reciprocating by sending all the grunge to the underworld of ground. Warren now knows once you put these products in your system nothing else makes any sense at all. Once you hear the dynamic coherence of Sistrum there is no return to the childish world of killing the music with rubber, sand and lead..
Robert, over at Star Sound Technologies, says that they are in the midst of putting photos of their platforms, with pricing, on their website. One picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. These babies are truly cool to look at. Forgetting about the sound for a moment; there is nothing, and I mean nothing, like them design and looks wise. Very cool, indeed.
It's difficult, changing a way of thinking that has gone on for so long. Many times, it takes courage, faith in a complex not quite proven concept, and personal confidence in one's own judgement to go where no man has gone before. Or at least, very few. This is something, along those lines, I read awhile back: Bill Gates in the very very early stages of his company could not afford to pay his staff very much. He had a great idea,(concept) but hadn't really gotten things started yet. He offered, in return, stock options, (maybe it was actual stock-don't remember) which many took, and many said, "I'm outta here." Today, 200 of his staff are worth over 50 million bucks, and 10 of them are worth a billion dollars. I know, I know, not quite the same thing, but I'm hoping my review just generates enough interest to get somebody to check out these monitor platforms. (next time I'll give you my Thomas Edison rap. Remember him? He had a pretty good idea too.)
Thanks Warren,
I just wanted to see a pic of them. I have floor standers so it wouldn't be something I could use anyway.

While these stands, I just reviewed, are for monitor speakers, Star Sound Technologies does have some Audio Point rack/speaker treatments for floor standers. Check out their website or give them a call. My subwoofer is sitting on one. A dramatic difference.
I called Robert over at Audiopoints to find out about the platforms and their younger brother. ( another outrageous speaker platform.) They are redoing their website with new photos and it should be happening in 10 days. So you'll have to wait a bit for the pictures. This has been the reason for much of my personal email regarding these platfroms. Thanks, for the emails. I believe, though, I'm not a 100%, that Audiopoits gives a money back guarentee. What do we have to lose? Shipping, perhaps. I just had a fellow audiophool over to my place to see these babies. I realize, that he wouldn't have a clue, not knowing my system as intimately as I do, what's what as far as sound goes. He did, however, think they were, on the looks side, beautiful, unique and very cool.
Rockhead- depending on the footprint size of your speakers, try the Sistrum SP-004 model- they are now under my 97-lb Coincident floor-standing speakers, and are NOT coming out...

I also use a pair of the larger SP-1's under two large tube monobock amps. Bass is tighter, microdynamics and inner detail improve, and soundstage can improve as well. Basically, no downsides, only upsides (for me anyways). They are a revolutionary product, and I haven't even TRIED the equipment rack yet...
Hi Sutts, always good to read your posts. I have been talking about the Sistrum products for close to a year. Glad to see so many finding out what a great product this company is producing. Starsound makes many products. I have yet to find one that doesn't improve the sound, be it PC, IC, or their racks for gear or for speaker support. Starsound products will be competitve if not the king of the hill for at least the near future. They are never satisfied being second best. I am in no way connected with Starsound, but I wish i was. With a 30 day trial why hesitate to give their products a trial?
My speakers measure 12" X 21" on the bottom. I'm not sure the dimensions of either platform work out for me.
Call Robert at Star Sound Technologies. His email is He'll let you know what he can do for you. I believe he has a support system that will work for you.
Rockhead your VR's would improve dramatically sitting upon Sistrum Sp-1. I know this to be true. I use SP1's under my dual Paradigm Servo15's. Want to hear coherent bass with no overhang or resonant coloration to the midrange. Make sure you use the APCD discs with these platforms. These discs will protect and enhance, as well speed away nasty resonance to ground.. I use the Sistrum SP001,s under my almost still Dunlavy SCIV's. This particular speaker and platform seem to meld together as one..
Do you use the APCD discs between the speaker & audiopoint or speaker & floor or both. My speakers are on carpet over a cement floor. The dimensions of the SP-1 make me feel like speakers might be tipsy. I really don't want to pay for custom dimensions.
Patrick, I use APCD discs on the top set of points, those that face up at the bottom of the speaker. The bottom set of points penetrate the carpet and pad and then onto the concrete floor underneath. Remember I have, almost still Dunlavy SC4's. These 6ft.tall speakers reside upon Sistrum stands in my listening room. After a couple of days the stands, speakers and your floor meld into one complete unit. Physically more stable as well as musically more stable..Thanks, Tom..
I just sent all my discs (APCD) back to Star Sound Techn...because, although they look great, and do protect whatever, from a .5mm slight indentation, they are still in the way of perfect resonance transferrence. Robert, over at said you're always better off grounding the point to the source, without the disc. I just ordered two SP 1 Sistrums for my integrated and CDP. While the points I had these coupled with were great, this next move is the way to go, for me, just short of their Sistrum Rack System. I'm placing the SP 1s on a simple wood rack that also have audio points screwed into the legs. It's going to look and sound wonderful. Should have them next week. Will give you a sonic report.
Finally. There's a visual of the stands on their website.
I've got the sistrum racks and that is the way to go for the gear.