Review: Silent Audio Apollo-A & Apollo-C Interconnect

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I’ve been buying and selling audio gear for some time now and have had a large parade of gear and gadgets work their way through my home. This is the first time I have been impressed enough to post a review.

I stumbled onto Silent Audio during a non cable related transaction on Audiogon with one of the owners of this new company. I was intrigued with the web site and e mailed for advice as to what interconnects may work with my system. I received some thoughtful suggestions that took into account my equipment and listening preferences. I mostly listen to acoustic rock,folk,and instrumentals.I value a full midrange with lots of detail and soundstaging.

The first interconnect I tried was the Apollo-C. This is a copper based cable and I would refer you to the web site for details in the unusual appearing cable. When I first plugged it into my system I was nonplussed. It sounded OK but not exciting. Then about 5 hours latter the music suddenly opened up. Frankly I was blown away. I had no idea how much detail I had been missing in my music.

I was intrigued, and the kind folks at Silent Audio sent me the silver based Apollo-A to demo. Putting the Apollo-A into my system was as dramatic of jump as the Apollo –C.

I’m not very adept at audiophile hyperbole but if I was to try to describe these cables I would say they are particularly detailed. They let the high end through with what seems to me to be very little roll off. They also have great sound staging. I am able to pick the exact location of the singers and instruments. They have created a 3 dimensional soundstage that didn’t exist in my system before. Both cable types seemed to need about 5-10 hours to open up and I haven't noticed much additional change after about 200 hours on them.

I have 2 systems. My second system is solid state. My main system is an SET tube based system. I have discovered that in my solid state system the Apollo – C works best as the A is just a bit too detailed and bright. In my tube based system the Apollo- A is incredible as the tubes seem to love the crispness of this cable.

Frankly, until I tried these cables I had been under whelmed “rolling” different cables. In my experience I would be able to get a little change in the sound by switching cables. But the cost of the cables didn’t seem to justify the results. The Silent Audio cables have changed my mind. I would say that from a cost to benefit ratio these cables are the best addition I have made to my system. In fact I have completely re-cabled my system with Silent Audio cables including 35 feet of silver speaker cables.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the outstanding customer service and communication from the folks at Silent Audio. I have been fortunate in all of my experiences with small internet based high fi business’s. However Silent Audio stands among the best I have dealt with. Their advice has been spot on and they have been extremely generous in their dealings with me. I couldn’t ask for more.

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DIY computer for the digital front end. The USB out from the computer runs to an Empirical Audio USB Off Ramp where the signal is converted to SPDIF. Audio logic 24mxl DAC, Blue Circle 101 pre-amp, Yamamto A-08 45 SET , Cain and Cain single horns, Cain and Cain Bailey sub woofer.

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I tried the venus cable a few years back to hookup my tunner and was surprised at how good it sounded, so.....

I bought their Appollo A balanced and ended up using them throught my big KRELL system.

I have no plans to look for any different cable, they are that good.