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My musical tastes run toward classical, especially large scale symphonic works. In fact, the recording I use most often for testing is the Telarc cd of Respighi's Pines/Fountains of Rome. I also listen to a fair amount of jazz of the west coast variety.To me,probably the most important aspect of sound is instrumental timbre,their characteristic sound.An English Horn should sound exactly like an English Horn. The all over sound should be smooth and transparent.Dynamics, both micro and macro,are important,especially the former.The last thing I want to hear is sound that is shrill, compressed, or congested.
I added my first SignalCable Magic Power Cable to my system some three months ago,to my Marantz SACD/cd player. Since then, I have added four more,so that each of my components is now served by one. They are that good.Background have become silent,micro dynamics are clearly expressed,soundstage has expanded and deepend,and instrumental timbres are much more realistic.
This is an incredible product at an absurdly low price.

Associated gear
Marantz 8260 SACD/cd player,Adcom GFP 750 preamp,Monarchy SM-70 amps used as monoblocks,Triangle Antal speakers,HSU VFT-2 subwoofer.

Similar products
Stock cords supplied with components, Monarchy AC1 powercords.
I have been a fan of the Signal Cable brand for some time.

I have upgraded to the SC Magic Power Cables, and the Digital Power Cables on my various gear. Outstanding performance, excellent quality and a real honest value.

Glad to hear about your positive experience. Happy listening : - )
Pummy, thanks for sharing your impressions. It looks like you have assembled a great bang-for-the-buck system and I applaud you for that.

I reviewed the SignalCable line for and my experience was similar to yours -- even though the cables I compared the SC to were more expensive than the ones you used. I'm still using the SC in my audio systems with great success.

Hot tip: if I had to pick one product as the standout in the SC line (though they are all quite good) it would be their brownish, 12-gauge, digital AC cord. It is an exceptionally adroit performer when used with digital components. I find nice improvements across the board when using them on my CD transports.

Happy Listening!
Plato- Thanks for your comments:the guiding rational for my present system has been "bang for the bucks",as you aptly put it.I would like to note however,as excellent as the various components may be,my SignalCable power cords,speaker cables, and ICs, seem to me to represent the most bang for the least bucks.
My only complaint is that my Magic Power Cord sits loosely in my B&K 507 receiver. You can jiggle it enough to break the contact completely. Frank at Signal Cable did not think this was very serious and suggested wrapping some electrical tape around the plug to make a tighter fit. But that stuff comes off so easily that it makes no difference. Is anybody else have this problem with this product?
In response to Marcberger:If this is a problem for you, it is easily solved by wrapping the portion of the plug that inserts into the component, but not with electrical tape. Use duct tape. It works perfectly. Cut it down to the apprpriate length and width and apply without wrinkles.
Dear Pummy,

Thanks for the duct-taping tip. My Magic Power AC has often come loose and lost contact, too, when I've slightly shifted my component.
After being a staunch user of the Signal Cable Magic Power cord for years, I did find the ErnieM (DIY) PCK-13 (at $79) more open, detailed and neutral. By comparison the Magic Power--a fine pc in its own right--sounded veiled and tizzy. I now use the ErnieM's throughout my audio and video systems.