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I've been an audio enthusiast, I guess since I was a kid. From watching my Dad usind a variety of components, from cassette deck, Vinyls, Reel to Reels, to 8 never dawned on me that each components had a perticular function or a sound to it's own, it simply sounded like music. But today I no longer subscibes to this belief. For the past 8 years or so, visiting, auditioning, and acquiring different gears from different dealers, I guess, has sharpened my ever ending quest for a perticular sound.
Through my many dealings here on Audiogon, I was introduced to Frank's Magic Power cords, Digital (HC) power cords, Silver Res..... I ended up swapping every power cords, IC's, speaker cables in my system, sold them, and used the funds to further upgrade my system. OH! also, purchased some more vinyls. I was overwhelmed by the performance that those cables yielded, and only at a fraction of the cost.
One in perticular caught my attention, the Silver Resolution Line. They elevated the sound to a different level, an immediate sense of space in the soundstage.
Prior to this, I would occasionaly discerned sluggishness from the bottom end, I no longer perceives it that way since the introduction of the Silver Res, I get now a more dynamic, punchier bass. The highs, which were a little bit soft, are rendering now a somewhat, wider, smoother, livelier soundstage. Vibes, cymbals, from a jazz ensemble, shimmer like.........
My experience with the Signal line, was nothing short, but a pleasurable one. Excellent performer, top notch craftsmanship, affordability, Frank Dai has a good thing going, and he's definitely got my vote.
Thank you.

Associated gear
PRE.BAT VK3I, AMP.BAT VK60, CD.MERIDIAN 508/20, TT.BASIS 1400, W/GRADO SONATA REFERENCE, UPGRADED ARM WIRE TO CARDAS, MIT Z CENTE, TUNER.NAD 4020A, Signal Magic Power Cords, Power Cords, (Digital)HC, Silver Resolution IC's, Double Run Speaker cables.

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