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I am posting along with some additional comments, my original semi-formal review of these cables versus the Monster Cable brand. This was originally posted in my frequent hangout,

It is just a simple review, on my system, with my ears. It has been almost a whole year, and I have no plans on replacing any of the Signal brand in my HT.

Demo: Signal Cable Double Run (8ft Length) vs Monster Cable Original (8ft Length)

AVR: Sony STR-DA2ES 6.1 AVR (2003)

Source: Sony CDP-745, 5 Disc Changer(1993)

Selections: School Of Fish(School of Fish)/ Sheryl Crow(Sheryl Crow)/ Luscious Jackson(Luscious Jackson)/ Maxwell(Embrya) I chose all self titled, because I was weird that day.

Speakers: Polk Audio RTi38, wall mounted on BT-77 BTech brackets(Dynamatted). 5 deg downtilt, 2 deg toe-in, 7 ft separation.

Enviroment: 13' x 18', basic room.

Listener(s): dorokusai

Demo: This is actually a preview of a full on review. The cables are not burned in enough to justify a full review, IMO. UPDATE The cables are very burned in and they stayed pretty much the same to me, maybe a bit more mellow.
I will offer my immediate thoughts, as the change in the sound was quite obvious.


Signal Cable - The conductor - stranded high purity oxygen-free annealed copper

PE Insulation offers low capacitance and low series resistance for improved frequency response over long distance cable runs

Twisted design reduces Electro-magnetic interference (EMI) Noise

DC resistance/1000' - 4.5 Ohms
Nom. Capacitance - 4 pf/1KHz
(per Signal Cable website)

Simply put, the SC is an OFC heavy gauge wire covered in a PE jacket. The cables were pre-terminated with Analysis Plus Banana plugs on each end. Cable is covered in a black sleeve, crimps are solid and overall quality is hard-on level. This cable looks like its ready to kick your arse.

Monster Cable -


Time Correct windings and Magnetic Flux Tube constructions deliver a new level of speaker cable performance
The new Monster Cable uses large gauge construction for improved power transfer and adds the latest advances from Monster's highest performance audiophile cable designs. Special Time Correct windings control distortion producing magnetic fields for a smoother, more natural re-creation of the music. Patented Magnetic Flux Tube construction provides improved bass response and dynamic range, important for home theatre and top quality music systems. A special LPE jacket minimizes dielectric distortions for smoother, more natural sounding highs. These advanced technologies in the new Monster Cable provide impressive sonic improvements, allowing you to listen into the music to more realistically experience the original recorded performance.

Flexible, round jacket for easy routing and installation
The new Monster Cable also features an entirely new, flexible, round shape that allows it to be smoothly run through round holes for easy installation. And our DuraFlex jacketing which is UV stabilized, and abrasion and chemical resistant keeps the cable looking good as well as sounding good.

Patented 24k Angled Gold Pins with our Lock-Notch design for a superior connection
Monster Angled Gold Pins are designed to provide an excellent connection for both push-type connectors and popular 5-way binding posts. The convenient angle makes it easy to get to hard-to-reach places. And our OmniFlex color-coded insulators take the strain off the connecting point allowing flexible rotation in all directions.

Get all the sound you paid for. Monsterize your entire sound system
With new Monster Cable you'll be able to maximize your loudspeakers performance to get all the sound you paid for. For improved performance throughout the entire playback system, we invite you to audition our Interlink and Monster Video high performance audio and video interconnects for the best possible performance and the most enjoyment from all your audio and video components.

(per Monster Cable website)

Simply put, the MC is a OFC heavy gauge wire covered in a heavy duty LPE jacket. The cables were terminated with Phoenix Gold Banana BI-Plugs. It is not pretty like the SC. The cable is basically a raw OFC heavy guage cable covered in clear LPE. This is a higher level of MC speaker cable. I have owned this run for many years, and it is extremely burned in.

The difference in jacket composition of both, is n/a or negligible.

Demo: My main keyword in the whole review, is Depth. The cables from minute 1, exibited more depth than the MC. It is hard to explain, but all the music auditioned thru them feels "heavier", feels more well developed. Everything played through my source, just feels like it has substance now, like....damn....I cannot explain it. The MIT's originally opened up my soundstage so much that I thought I would have intestinal problems. The SC has been the best compliment to the MIT's AND my system.

Example: Maxwell(Embrya) was pronounced and punchy, I was realy impressed. The bass, was so tight, I heard the pad hitting the drum, not just the thump. Midrange for his voice was really motivating as a listener.

I honestly cannot expound on any benefits of the MC as oppossed to the SC in any way. The SC speaker cables completely blow them out of the water, IMO. This is just 2 hours into the configuration.

Conclusion: I feel the SC speaker wires from day 1, have outdone my years old MC. Is this a fair comparison? Yes it is. The price is very competitive, and comparable to its MC counterpart.

MC is not going to cut custom lengths for you either, so waste is a factor. The self-termination factor of the MC is fine if that's what you want, but the pre-terminated Analysis Plus goodies on the Double Run are so good looking you should re-consider. The SC is also available with un-terminated ends. Honestly, I think this is an outstanding cable, and the best value you could possibly ask for.

You will not be disappointed

Associated gear
POLK RTi-38 (Front)
POLK FXi-30 (Surround)
POLK CSi-30 (Center)
MONSTER CABLE HTS-5100 (Surge Arrestor/Power Conditioner)
Signal Cable (Analog/Digital/Power/Speaker)[/

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