Review: Sherwood Newcastle AM-9080 Multichamp

Category: Amplifiers

Amp is used probably 70/30 Movies & TV / Music. But two channel is important to me. I used to have a great combo of B&K ST-202 and Superphon Revelation II preamp. Got rid of that to get into home theater but neither of the receivers I got pleased me for their punch and range, especially in the bass area. Musically I’m all over the place from Metallica to Steely Dan to Marc Antione to Sarah McLachlan. Prior to adding the amp there was clearly some space and bass missing not to mention it just didn’t seem “punchy” enough. I would say the same for movies. Once I added the amp it was like I went from listening in black and white to listening in color. The low end really opened up and made itself known! This is a great sounding amp and especially for what you can get them for used. I’m using it to power the front L&R and center channels as well as a pair of patio speakers. The Denon 3802 continues to power the side and rear surrounds. I’ve had it now for about 6 months and just love it. The thing is a tank at 70 pounds. Binding posts are well put together and the whole thing is laid out like 5 monoblock amps. Strengths I think are it’s sound, clarity, it really “opens up” the sound. It’s only weakness from my standpoint is that the remote turn on is proprietary for use with the Sherwood Newcastle Preamp. Other than that it’s pretty unbeatable for the price. If money were no object would I own it? No, of course not! But fact is money is an object and I couldn’t be happier with the 9080.

Associated gear
Denon 3802 Receiver / Pre/Pro
Toshiba DVD player
Sherwood Newcastle CD-980
Polk RTA-11t mains
Polk CS-400 center
Polk RT25i rear
Polk f/x 500i surrounds

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I wholeheartedly agree with you...the 9080 is an incredible amp and will drive my 4 ohm Maggie's with zero problem. In surround, it also excels at driving my Q Acoustic 3050's. It's an all around bargain and will stay in my setup for years to come.