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December 2014 Stocking Stuffer extravaganza

Get your hands off my white whack!

Are you wondering what to get your audiophile buddy for Christmas this season? Budget esoterica review magazine has found the perfect stocking stuffer for that rabid audiophile on your shopping list.

Since the beginning of time , audiophiles have faced a major conundrum in their lives. The age old question of how do we couple our stands to our bookshelf speakers. Personally, i have been using rubber grommets for this job and never even dreamed of using anything else. Until now that is. Who would think that a change in speaker coupling methods could actually alter the sound for the better? Actually it is not too far off, as we have learned that different materials used for isolation tweaks can vary in sound. Now, this is a very un-scientific review and the results may have been slightly offset by the over exuberance of the reviewer, but i can tell you that i heard a difference for the better with the Scotch removable mounting putty.

Scotch removable mounting putty comes in a 2 ounce size and sells for $1.89 at your local Fred Meyer store. In the package you will find 4 strips of white putty. This is enough to couple 4 pairs of speakers to their respective stands. I have taken the liberty of affectionately nicknaming this miracle putty as, "white whack". This is a mini-review, so i am not going to get into what music i listened to. I will just list a few of my observations as to the improvement in sound.

Cleaner highs
improved bass response
more open sounding
improved depth / sound-stage
clearer sound
smoother / less harsh
improved "hall" sound
less muddiness
improved focus
quieter sound

White whack is a cheap tweak, and it works great. Be sure to buy a package for your audiophile loved ones , as it makes for a superb stocking stuffer! Merry Christmas from the staff of budget esoterica review magazine.

Associated gear
Arcam 8R amp with tweaks
Denon DVD-1920
Paradigm Atom V.3 speakers
Tara Labs Prism Bi-Wire interconnect
Cobalt Ultimate power cord
MasterSource NSMT speaker cable
Atacama stands

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