Review: Schurter clear bodied fuse with gold end caps / Mouser Electronics $1 tweak buster

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine
December 2018 Issue

If you don't believe audiphile fuses can make a difference you need to try a Schurter fuse sold by Mouser electronics. This is a clear bodied fuse with gold end caps. The price is $1.08 plus shipping. I installed this fuse into an Arcam Alpha 8p power amp in the same system i used with the Acrolink power cord review. I listened to the same cd's , Ahmad Jamal Digital works, and Genesis Foxtrot and i noticed a few improvements. 

On the opening track of the Ahmad Jamal cd , i noticed a slight reduction in harshness. The highs seemed to be a little fuller with a slightly weightier sound. The sound seemed a little livelier with a better sense of presence. The piano was reproduced with better dynamics and a slightly shinier sound. The bass seemed more rounded and three dimensional. 

Track number two from the Genesis cd gave me a little better vocal clarity and the vocals also seemed more subtle. 
The sound seemed a little richer with deeper harmonics.

There are a lot of audiophile fuses on the market. Prices range from a few dollars to a 100 dollars or more. The Schurter fuses sold by Mouser electronics sell for a little over a dollar. For that price why not try it! You should notice slight improvements in several areas. A good tweak for a very reasonable price.

Associated Equipment

Arcam 8p power amp
12-Step passive volume control
Audioquest speaker cables
Belden and NVA stereo interconnects
Sony DVP-NS3100ES dvd player
Goodmans Maxim two speakers
Target Speaker stands

In the same vein ... if you are on a budget, and are satisfied with small improvements from your tweaks, you can make an upgrade by swapping out your existing stock wall sockets for a commercial grade sockets from Home Depot. Look for the orange ones. They're only a few bucks.

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You can narrow your search by entering the fuse size and the amp number for your particular  amp. The fuse should be either 5 x 20 , or 6 x 32.
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