Review: Schurter clear bodied fuse with gold end caps / Mouser Electronics $1 tweak buster

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine
December 2018 Issue

If you don't believe audiphile fuses can make a difference you need to try a Schurter fuse sold by Mouser electronics. This is a clear bodied fuse with gold end caps. The price is $1.08 plus shipping. I installed this fuse into an Arcam Alpha 8p power amp in the same system i used with the Acrolink power cord review. I listened to the same cd's , Ahmad Jamal Digital works, and Genesis Foxtrot and i noticed a few improvements. 

On the opening track of the Ahmad Jamal cd , i noticed a slight reduction in harshness. The highs seemed to be a little fuller with a slightly weightier sound. The sound seemed a little livelier with a better sense of presence. The piano was reproduced with better dynamics and a slightly shinier sound. The bass seemed more rounded and three dimensional. 

Track number two from the Genesis cd gave me a little better vocal clarity and the vocals also seemed more subtle. 
The sound seemed a little richer with deeper harmonics.

There are a lot of audiophile fuses on the market. Prices range from a few dollars to a 100 dollars or more. The Schurter fuses sold by Mouser electronics sell for a little over a dollar. For that price why not try it! You should notice slight improvements in several areas. A good tweak for a very reasonable price.

Associated Equipment

Arcam 8p power amp
12-Step passive volume control
Audioquest speaker cables
Belden and NVA stereo interconnects
Sony DVP-NS3100ES dvd player
Goodmans Maxim two speakers
Target Speaker stands

The differences you noticed can be attributed to fuse directionality alone. Just by luck.
In the same vein ... if you are on a budget, and are satisfied with small improvements from your tweaks, you can make an upgrade by swapping out your existing stock wall sockets for a commercial grade sockets from Home Depot. Look for the orange ones. They're only a few bucks.

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You can narrow your search by entering the fuse size and the amp number for your particular  amp. The fuse should be either 5 x 20 , or 6 x 32.
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Just ordered me up a few for my rebuilt dynaco.