Review: Schnerzinger X-3000 Interconnect

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I had tried a lot of high end cables, and I had owned Magnan Signature, Nordost Valhalla, Shunyata Anaconda, many Electraglides and at that time I had Elrod Statement Power cords, Advanced Listening interconnect and Elrod speaker cables – you can read more in my (old) virtual system posted here. Honestly I had some significant changes to the system like the Wilson Audio Maxx2, but I never posted these. Anyhow, I was proud of my interconnect and speaker cables, as they were probably not well known, but ahead of all those famous high end products – at least in my system.

Then I drove to Dortmund (Germany) to meet Dirk, he is the “driving force” of a new, yet unknown German company SCHNERZINGER. And he is a true high end guy. Dirk is very experienced and he likes to share his knowledge. He invited me to bring my own top class cables to our listening session.

The SCHNERZINGER reference system was a high end dream. I never heard such a system before – life like and dynamic. It was not sounding huge nor analytical, it was natural, true and very well integrated. Pure music.

Then we played my interconnect. The sound collapsed – the music seemed irrelevant. In absolute terms it was very good, but the direct comparison was brutal. So go back to SC cable fast – and the fun is back.

Next my speaker cables – this experience was even worse.

How is that possible? My cables are among the very best.

Compare my cable to a set of high performance tires for a Porsche Turbo. In a formula 1 racing car this tire will be a disaster. Hard to believe, but this is the right comparison. SCHNERZINGER is the formula 1 of audio cables.

I tested speaker cables, interconnect and power cables. Each contest ended with a clear and simple result. Even the “entry level” 3000 line was a winner, the 5000 line is far away from the competition –even if you consider the super expensive cables like Nordost Odin or Stealth Dream.

I would have bought a complete set of cables, but for financial reasons, I had to wait buying the interconnect for some time.

Back home with a SCHNERZINGER power system and speaker cable I experienced a new system. And this new system fascinated me – I love the emotions that it lets thru. Even some months later – I was sometimes moved to tears by the emotional intimacy that this system enables.

Finally I was ready to complete my system. I received my interconnect, so I have SCHNERZINGER cables throughout my system.

Now I start to realize the true potential of my components. A single brake in the system reduces the result significantly (“the weakest link”). Now I understand why the effects are so huge in the SCHNERZINGER reference system, if one single component is just on top high end level and not on formula 1 level.

Music breathes, music lives, music fascinates. Dynamic is totally independent from volume. Problems that I had accounted to my room have disappeared.

I’m lucky!
From my point of view, SCHNERZINGER is ahead of the high end cable market. They have a true high tech approach, they do analysis of basic technologies, and they have access to top class university technology. They make unique designs, expensive but really far ahead of anything available to the high end market. They highly value the importance of time correctness; other core competencies are resonance control, EMF and molecular cable structure.

SCHNERZINGER has a very informative website, see SCHNERZINGER.COM (German and English language available)

No matter what high end cable you have or intend to purchase, you should consider this German high tech audio cable company.

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I just received my cables interconnect and speaker. It is magic. You CANNOT go to other cables when you have listened to the Schnerzinger. No other cable (I know) can do this.