Review: SCHNERZINGER Kabel X-3000 + X-5000

The Schnerzinger cables from Dortmund(Germany)are unbelievable!
I live nearby Dortmund and was looking all over the world for my ultimate solution, not knowing that such fantastic cables are right by my side.
Life is sometimes strange!
When i first heard of Schnerzinger from an enthusiastic article in the Analogue Audio Association Switzerland magazin, i did not pay much attention on Schnerzinger.
But after reading both reviews in Audiogon of the Schnerzinger X-3000 and X-5000 i gave them a try, especially as i noticed that they are only 50 kilometers away.

After listening i have to say: These cables should be named M O R E!
More information, more atmosphere, more realism, more dynamic, more natural, more body, more precise, more deep+ tight, more space...and even the weakest part of my speaker, the tweeter at once learned to fly... Now I got everything i wanted!
I strongly recommend serious musiclovers to pay attention to these cables.