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In the past I had tried a lot of high end power cables, and I had owned Magnan Signature, Shunyata Anaconda, Nordost Valhalla, the old stiff Electraglides (Fatman K and Genghis Khan) and the later flexible Electraglides (Mini Khan, etc), the wonderful Advanced Listening Power Cables (German brand) and finally I ended having a complete set of Elrod Statement power cords.

If you read my test report about the Schnerzinger X 3000 interconnect cable (TITLE: SCHNERZINGER – the formula 1 of high end audio cables), I wrote, that I have a complete Schnerzinger audio cables set. Well - to be precise – my power cables do not show the label Schnerzinger. I got a very early power distribution system, manufactured in 2008 from the same team, which has founded SCHNERZINGER Audio in 2011, you may now call it a Schnerzinger prototype.
But even the 2008 prototypes were a significant step up from all those well respected high end audio power cables, and my power distribution system is another step up. It is the best possible option, as it integrates the power strip and all power cables into a purist power system. From the Schnerzinger web site: “An ideal equipment power feed should start at one wall socket and reach the connected equipment without interruption.” That’s what I have.

I’m really happy with my system, but when Schnerzinger called me, I was very interested to experience the Schnerzinger audio power system progress between 2008 and 2012. A week ago I finally received the current Schnerzinger power distribution system.

Schnerzinger never failed to impress me. Any time the reality exceeds my expectations, which were already raised by Schnerzingers words.

The complete Schnerzinger audio power system performs on a significantly higher level. The bass reaches deeper, but at the same time more relaxed, the highs are more articulate, more detailed, and also more relaxed. Much more details, presented with the true soundstage of the recording venue, and at the same time much quieter, relaxed. No harshness at all. Music reproduction works out naturally, listening is easy.

Sonically there are no “favorite recordings”; you simply don’t talk about beautiful or impressive sound any more. Music and artistic interpretation matters, and personal taste of music of course.

And what about room acoustics? Of course room acoustics still is important, but even this aspect of sound seems to be less critical.

The Schnerzinger audio power distribution system 2012 is a huge improvement.
How is that possible? I strongly recommend that you take time and carefully read the Schnerzinger web site( Well they don’t offer all their secrets, but you get an idea of how much the power system matters.
Each piece of your system is allowed to perform at a much higher level – and that’s what you can hear.

There is no way back.

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Glad to hear you've found a cable that takes you there, and completes the search. Getting off the cable merry-go-round is such a liberating thing. As I've found in this hobby, there are obsessive individuals making real breakthroughs off the well-worn path. Congrats.