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Chris Sain has been hand crafting cords, cables and interconnects for ten years in Minneapolis, and his efforts have brought forth delicate, airy and openly-defined details from my amps that just were not present without his AC power cords. His mid-priced cords are nothing short of a component upgrade, a true bargain in any system that is fairly complete in desired quality. When you just don't know where to turn for your next improvement, what a treat it is to discover a major lift in resolution from Chris's well-constructed AC cords. Over at Audio Research, based here in the Twin Cities, the chief designers and engineers have all purchased Chris's cords, used for factory listening during product development. Please see his site to verify this and then ask him for an audition.
Regards, Joe Freeman
Mpls, MN
September, 2011

Associated gear
Audio Research Reference 210 amps

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I have to zealously agree with Mr. Freeman as to the impact and effect that Mr. Sain's power cords have on the performance of your components. I have had both the base and, now, the reference level in my system running to dCS Verdi and Delouis as well as Audio Research Ref 3 and now Ref 5 preamp. I cannot overstate the results as the power cords eliminate EMI and RFI, significantly lowering the noise floor, and allow the components to do the things that they are supposed to do. You will hear more detail, better sound stage placement, sharper imaging, and more lifelike timbres and tones in both instruments and vocals. I know, it's just supposed to be electrical current, but, the difference is really beyond description. I am thankful to the folks at Audio Perfection in Minneapolis for putting me onto these gems and thankful to Chris Sain for putting together a gem of a product. As Mr. Freeman said in his post, if you are looking for system improvement, you can't go wrong.......and, as good as the base level is, the reference level is that much better.....strongly endorse checking them out if you get the chance.......