Review: Running Springs Audo Jaco AC filter

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I would like to preface this review by sharing I have just moved into a new house that has 20 amp dedicated circuits for my system and was doubtful that any AC line conditioner would make a dramatic improvement in the overall sonics of my rig.

I had read a very well written review of Running Springs Audio's Jaco AC Power Conditioner that had aroused my curiosity, so I called Running Springs Audio and had the great pleasure of talking to Lenny "Catfish" Mayeux, one of the partners of this company. His passion for music, not just for his product and his vast knowledge of all things in high-end audio was quite enlightening. He did not try to "sell me" at all on the Jaco, but explained how it worked and how they build them. He then referred me to one of his retail dealers, Dedicated Audio, to set up a ten day money back audition. Dan, the owner of Dedicated Audio was also quite knowledgable and a pleasure to do business with.

If you want a detailed description of the design, build quality and philosophy regarding the Jaco I recommend you go to their Web Site. I just want to describe what this piece offers sonically, so here is the bottom line.

1) A dramatic improvement in both micro and macro dynamics without sounded etched or in your face at all.

2) I did not believe that I had any noise floor in my system, untill I installed the Jaco and was shocked on how much it removed and just floated the sound stage on a black background.

3) The soundstage dramatically opened up and a wonderful "three-dimensional quality" often described as "air" around the individual players became part of the sonic picture.

4) Very precise details and delays without losing a "musicality" in the overall texture of the sonics.

5) Bass became dynamic with more natural tones/timbres.

6) Through the Jaco timbres, which are very important to me, became more "lifelike" and realistic on the acoustic jazz that I mainly listen to.

Finally, and very importantly, the Jaco did not do anything negatively to the sonics of my system at all, as far as I can tell.

Running Springs Audio does not spend money on the cosmetics of this product, but puts the money were it counts, quality of parts/design/performance, and has really come up with a great product that out performs many power conditioners that cost a lot more then the Jaco that retails for $2,200.00. It might sound funny to call something a bargain that costs around two grand, but if you hear what it could do for your system, you might come to see that way youself!

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