Review: Royd Doublet Speaker

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First, I have been listening to different speakers for over 3 months and spent time researching speakers of interest before that time (3 months). We decided to replace an old set of mediocre speakers, Bose 6.2's (1st generation)and the only thing they did well was the 3D imaging. We wanted an accurate yet musical speaker. Our musical tastes run the gambit from classical to heavy metal.

For testing speakers, I used several CD's: 1. Remy Shand - The Way I Feel (very complex and rhythmic CD), Armik - Gypsy Flame (For accuracy and driver quikness), India Arie - Acoustic Soul (not a good recording, all the flaws stand out - this is why it is used), Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - Outbound (Can overwhelm speakers with bass and the whole recording sounds terrible), Annie Lennox - Medusa (Good for vocals and Deep bass), and finally anything from Rosemary Clooney (a wide-reanging voice). Speakers needed to represent the music well and turnoffs were too much bass when playing Outbound ( which did happen quite often).

I have had these speakers for over 1 week and they still impress with the sound quality and musicality delivered from them. The bass is tight and extends down farther than you would expect from small mid/woofers. The vocals are crisp and open. The speakers present a wonderful 3D sound image. Everything has improved compared to our last speakers.

Stregths of the speaker include its bass (for it's size), 3D imaging, overall delivery.

Weakness is the fact that they are not made anymore. The Line was discontinued last year. If a CD is recorded bad, the speakers make sure you know about it (not sure if it a weakness of the speaker of the recording industry).

For my wife and I, these represent the best speaker for our particular purposes.

Associated gear
H/K 795i Receiver 70 watt/channel
Denon DCD-820 CD Player
Naim Speaker wire

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