Review: Roksan Caspian CD CD Player

Category: Digital

(1) My musical tastes: Are 50's and 60's music, I also listen to jazz, and rock. To test my player, I use Diana krall for the vocal presence, and richness of the human voice.
(2) Aspects of sound that are important are tonality, bass,
and the richness of the human voice. If it sounds too thin, then it is at Audiogon by the end of the next day (classifieds).
(3) The worst thing that can turn me off is a digital sound,
with no real bass.
(4) It just arrived a week ago.
(5) It replaced a sony 707esd.
(6) The sound changed very subtily, and with older cd's, it is more forgiving, and plays them better than with the 707esd.
(7) The strengths are with it's analog sound, and the richness of human voices it produces.
(8) weaknesses are with it's sounding like a cd player. It is hard for me to like digital. This one is a keeper, because you can tend to Forget it isa cd player.
(9) If money was no object, I probably would own something of more value, but I find it is alot funner when I am where I am at, rather than getting anything I want.

Associated gear
aragon amp, Bryston pre, and klipsh speakers, along with an Accuphase tuner.

Similar products
Sony xa7es, 707esd, and various other cd players.