REVIEW: Roger Waters, “Us And Them” (Live)

I was really excited about this one, pre-ordered it months ago, received it yesterday. The recording is excellent, impeccable Sonics. Roger Waters has been doing these songs (he wrote most of them) since he left Pink Floyd in the 80’s. If you have any of his live concerts on CD or LP, or have been to any of his live shows, then this will be all too familiar.

He has pretty much milked to death the entire Pink Floyd Catalogue since the mid 80’s. If you have never heard Rogers spin on these songs, then you are in for a treat, if you have heard them, then do not waste the money. It is the same rehashed songs he has been playing for the last 35+ years. Personally, I am extremely disappointed. I already have his other live albums, “In The Flesh”, “Live In Berlin”, “The Wall Live”, and this is just more of the same. I was super excited to receive this album but I would have been better off spending my money elsewhere. Sorry guys and gals. YMMV.
I'm curious...what were you expecting? They have rabid fans like the Grateful Dead, and those fans will buy whatever they or any of their former members put out, if only to own it.

Here you go. It’s bleak but it’s magnificent on vinyl.

many thanks!!!

i did order that "When The Wind Blows" pressing from the link you provided and it arrived today.

side one was mostly forgettable; but the Roger Waters tunes on side 2 were awesome, really enjoyed it. it’s for Pink Floyd<->Roger Waters fans only, and bleak as you mentioned, but very well done and very happy to have added it to my library. ethereal low noise recording, and scaled and soared here and there. a few nice surprises.

Well, subjectivity being what it is, it's interesting how we approach an experience like this. I saw Roger Waters live on that Us+Them tour and it was easily one of my favorite live shows in the past 5 years.

So when I listen to it, I relive the show, and frankly it sounds really good to my ears.

But I definitely see the argument of "just another RW live". I might have reacted the same way if I hadn't seen it live. 
the quality setting got accidentally changed from CD to mp3
there is no drop in quality on US+THEM 
all of it sound great