Review: Ridge Street Audio Symphonia Master Interconnect

Category: Cables

I recently had the oportunity to purshase on Audiogon Auction a 1 meter pair of Symphonia Master 1 meter interconnects to use between my Meridian cd player and Thor linestage.I recieved my i/cs in the mail in a quick and safe manner. Build quality was excellent.My taste for music is mostly paino jazz,mainstreem,and some fusion jazz.I have had these cable for three months and am amazed at how musical and natural sounding they are. A very smooth,analog type sound. Very refined highs with open natural midrange, not too forward or layback,very listenable,with a slight touch of warmth. I am very pleased with these interconnects, and am in the process of adding another interconnects.

Associated gear
Kharma 1.0 loudspeakers
Thor 30 watt Monos
Thor t1000 linestage
Meridian 508/24 cd player

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Hello Thorman.
Thank you for the kind words and for affirming our vision.

Robert C. Schult / Ridge Street Audio Designs