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Ridge Street Audio Designs SASON Ltd. LOUDSPEAKER

As I understand, for the last two years, Steve and Robert of Ridge Street Audio Designs have been working on and developing a loudspeaker project. They are now complete. I had the opportunity and pleasure to audition a pair of the Sason Ltd. loudspeakers in my dedicated music room for one week during the month of October 2004.

As per Steve and Robert, “Sason is from the Hebrew language and when expressed as a verb, it is the act of rejoicing expressed in dance. When one reaches the epitome of joy, his moment of ecstasy is referred to as sason, whose root is sas, which in Kabbalah is considered to be the sixth emotion of the heart.”

If you’re in the market for a unique new pair of high end loudspeakers that can give the best two-way, or even much more expensive three-way speaker designs (Sonus Faber, Silverline, Dynaudio, Nova Audio, and Proac, including the Kharma Ceramique 3.2 Reference Monitor Speakers, Merlin VSM, JM Labs Diva Be, Revel Ultima Studio, Epiphany 12-12, or Peak Consult InCognito Monitor) competition, you must listen to the Sason Ltd.

The Sason Ltd. Speakers sounded very dynamic regardless of whether I was driving them with my Legacy (by Coda) 200 watt SS amp class A/B, Forte 4A SS 50 watt class A amp, or my Cary SE 2A3 monoblocks (tube) 5 watts per channel class A.

I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that the Sason Ltd. loudspeakers sounded extremely smooth, fast, neutral, and transparent, yet still convey the force, speed and robustness of a live performance. On several occasions I had to get out of my listening chair to make sure my subwoofer was not in use because of the tighter, cleaner, deeper sound, with more punch and bass slam. The modified QB3 bass alignment allows adjustment for room variations, thus I was able to adjust the bass tuning as per my room needs. The mid range was natural and very musical with no signs of artificial harshness. The treble was extended and smooth.

Soundstaging and imaging was deep, wide and expansive. I noticed incredible detail and airiness, with no edginess or sharpness. It seemed as though the upright bass, guitar, piano, cymbals, etc., were palpably present and being played live in my own private listening room.

The only limiting factor I could detect would be the other components in your system. A mediocre or poor recording will continue to sound poor; however, good recordings played with good components sound fantastic!

The Sason Ltd. appears to be very well engineered and constructed. I found it gorgeous in appearance - a piece of eye candy.

Due to the weight of the Sason Ltd. (approximately 140 pounds/each) it is advisable to have assistance when transporting and positioning the speakers, however one strong individual could handle the job if need be.

In conclusion, I realize that audiophile componentry is system dependent, and what sounds good in one system doesn't always work well in another. In this case the Sason Ltd. speakers sounded excellent with my tube and solid-state systems. I highly recommend you give it a try if you're in the market for a new high-end speaker.

Below is the Features page from their manual of the Sason Ltd speaker. If you should have questions e-mail Ridge Street Audio Designs at or the creator, Steve at:

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Larry, you mentioned many other speakers in the intro to your thread, but how do the Sason's compare to these? I am not suggesting that you reviewed these speakers in a vacuum, but comparisons are very helpful.

As a member of the NEW Audio Society I am looking forward to hearing these, but I'd like an idea of what is coming. Thanks!
Hello Nrchy,
I realize that comparisons are very helpful however I’m not in a position to compare the Sason Ltd. to the other speakers that I listed. I know that the Sason Ltd. is competition for them, and I would recommend that anyone considering the purchase of an expensive high-end speaker also consider auditioning the Sason Ltd. as well. Since it’s new on the market, and I had the opportunity to listen to it for a week I wanted to share it’s birth and say it’s a serious contender.
Best regards…
Well, what happened to your Swans? I would have loved to compare mine to the Sason, though the Sason's are an order of magnitude more expensive.

Just wanted to post "my two cents" here as I have spent quite a few days with the Sason speakers in my crib:

Basically the Sason granite monitors are one of the best (if not the absolute best) monitor speakers that I have ever expereinced. The Sasons convey inner detail and soundspace with a sense of "see through" quality that is lacking with most other speakers in comparison. When you hear them for the first time, it is fairly hard to critisize their sound since so many things are sounding right from the get go. Everyone at my recent audio get together (around 20 people) all commented postively on their performance (which is saying something since there always seems to be a "naysayer" in the crowd saying something like "my speakers do this or that much better"). I suspect the Sasons are also very revieling of the electronics in the chain and I imagine they may not sound so good with entry level electronics (should any "great speaker" really sound "good" with crappy front end components though?)

I seriosuly would like to put the Sasons up against the best of the best monitors in the world just to learn where they stand in comparison. The designer may have set new standards which other monitors can be judged.

FYI: Regarding my current reference system: I Currently own the 7 foot tall 42 driver Epiphany speakers (read; a MUCH better designed Pipedream type of speaker) along with the matching dual Epiphany 18" subwoofers. With that in mind I consider myself a fairly "picky" audiophile when it comes to loudspeaker choices.
Lak, I was fortunate enough to hear the Sason speaker in action this past weekend at the NEW Audio Society's January club meeting ( - a shameless plug for our little website!).

The Sason is a remarkable achievement given that it's the first speaker offered by Ridge Street Audio Design.
Fit and finish on the speaker is stunning and the sound is incredible. Fast, dynamic, focused, dimensional and with a purity in the midrange to die for.
I'll probably post a mini review here in a few days.