Review: Revel Performa M-20 Speaker

Category: Speakers

I listen to all types of music and really getting more and more into classical due ot the way the system brings it to life in such detail. The Revel M20's are the msot amazing speaker I've heard over the last 2 years. I initiaily bought a set of Monitor Audios only to find them fatiguing. I have sat thorugh the B&W lines, Martin Logans, and a host of others at every audio store in my area. The M20's are the most natural sounding speaker I heard. Vocals are correct and not flavored. The sound is musical, dynamic, and detailed in a way I have never heard before. I now realize that I need to update my cd catalog to newer recordings as these speakers reveal such detail as to make me cringe when I lsiten to some of the older cd's. What sounded great before doesn't any more. I can hear how bad the engineer recorded it or the poor quality microphones used, etc. These are incredable speakers. The stands that match them are very sturdy and heavy as well.
There are no weaknesses other than you now realize just how bad some of the recordings you have in your possesion.

Associated gear
Rega Palnet 2000 cd, Acurus RL-11 preamp, and Adcom GFA-555II amp.

Similar products
B&W CDM and Nautilus series, Martin Logans, and others that I have forgotten.
I couldn't agree more. I auditioned the M20's against products from Joseph Audio, Linn, Theil, and Sonus Faber and found the M20s more musically satisfying than even some full range products from those names. In comparing the M20s to the F30s, it was surprising how little was lost on the low end. Even a quick listen to the much more expensive Revel Studios revealed that the M20s had much the same character & control as those very expensive speakers.

My dream now is to add a B15 subwoofer to round out the bottom end. I actually preferred the M20/B15 combination to the full range F30s; the mids seemed less colored.