Review: Rega Planar-25 Turntable

Category: Analog

I purchased this wonderful TT from another 'Goner from back East. Very nice gentleman and wonderful transaction - price was retail but included the cart and shipping!
The table is absolutely beautiful - to look at and to listen to. Even my wife appreciates it(!). I always believed vinyl sounded better than CDs, but now I can prove it to may friends and family. The RB600 tone arm and ClearAudio Beta cart make a wonderful combination. the sound is warm and real, with solid bass and good hi's. I just love listening to this thing and I don't even have a nice phono amp. I listen mostly to jazz, older rock and reggae. Of course, now I want to upgrade my entire stereo to match the quality of the Rega 25.
If you really want to listen to the music, and not just hear it, I recommend you go out and purchase the Rega 25.

Associated gear
Rotel & B&W.

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Nothing close to this quality
I couldn't agree more. I've upgraded my main system to a much more expensive table, and it is indeed better in every way.

Thing is though, my old rega setup makes me just about as happy. In fact I'm hesitant to sell it because the big table would be the first thing to go if I ever downsized.

It's scary how close the rega gets to my 'big' table. One of the best bargains out there in high end. I use an express machinery heavyweight, vta sleeve, and the Exact cartridge. Great table. Nice looking & simple to use too.

I found the best match was the arc ph-3 phono stage with a BAT vk-5i and vt100m2. Brought out the tube/analog glory in spades.
You have to try the Rega P9 if you ever desire to upgrade. I have the new P9 in my system, and it is a remarkable piece.

I really dig the Rega TT styling (where's my martini?). Since the recent price drop on the P25, its more on par with its performance/price - compared to the Nottingham Interspace, anyways. The Regas are damn cool, though.
I'd love to hear what a P9 sounds like. I really like the simple design and appearance of regas. I own a basis 2500 now. A good looking table, and actually better looking than most audiophile tables, but a little 'over the top' in some ways.
Additional improvements to the Rega 25 to bring it much closer to the best there is... Replace the mat with either the NoFelt or Boston mat Rewire the arm with better wire. The interconnects are quite good, but the internal wiring is not. Get the thing off of those rubber feet.-