Review: Rega Jupiter Transport

Category: Digital

1st off, 75% of my listening is vinyl. What little redbook my tastes lean to includes 70's rock, fusion/acoustic jazz, HP's space music, Texas blues, folk music w/female vocalists and some symphonic works. I value tonality, and find it indispensible to having played drums in a blues band in the past. Nothing will get me annoyed more than gear bears little sembalnce to the sounds I KNOW.

I borrowed a Saturn from my local dealer, University Audio in Madison(great shop), searching for an upgrade to the 740c. By comparison, the Rega simply sounds more natural, with superior imaging, soundstaging, accuracy of timbre, and deep bass. Frankly, I've not listened to anything superior IN MY SYSTEM. I have zero issues, and I'm buying one during Rega's trade-up program!

Associated gear
Marantz KI-Pearl integrated, Rega P5/TT PSU/Denon DL-160, ARC PH3, Maggie 1.6s/REL T-2 Speltz anti-cables, Shunyata Diamondback AC Cords.

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