Review: Redgum RGi60 Integrated Amplifier Amplifier

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About a year and a half ago, I was in the market for a new amp and speakers as a house-warming present to myself. I had just moved into a beautiful house in Philadelphia, and decided to dedicate a room to 2-channel audio. I was not going to slouch on my new system... I wanted the best sound for 2-channel, and I wanted my system to be minimal and accurate. Those were my goals. There's a great small audio shop near my new home called community audio. They have a nice selection of gear and are set-up like a small house with comfortable listening rooms, like living rooms, where they'll setup systems for audition. I walked in one day and said, "I have this $ for a budget, I listen to indie rock, jazz, electronica; I want a minimal system that will give me the most accurate and engaging sound possible." They setup a few systems for me in a few rooms. I listened to amps from Linn, Creek, Jolida, Electrocompaniet, Rogue Audio and Redgum. I listened to speakers from Linn to Totem to Nova. The best sounding amp, period! was the Redgum Rgi60. It didn't have the most sparkle, it wasn't the most liquid (like tubes) but it had the most accurate sound, full of pace and proper pitch. The Redgum had the best bass. The Rgi60 was the most even, transparent amp of the group. It let you hear what the musicians were trying to do with their compositions and their recordings. It let you hear the subtle differences between many CD players that I auditioned. It had no problem driving any of the speakers to realistic levels. I have now lived with my Redgum rgi60 for a year and a half and it still amazes me every day... it is the best purchase I have ever made in audio. It's a strange thing, but the Redgum amp gives me comfort and confidence (strange how a piece of electronics can do this) in knowing that I am hearing the most from every recording I buy and never have to think twice about it.

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