Review: Record Research Lab Shine Ola CD\DVD\SACD cleaner Tweak

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JUst wanted to let other audiophiles know about a product I recently discovered called Shine Ola by Record Research Lab.I have tried many differant products for cleaning my CD's (and SACD's and DVD's)and never been copletely satisfied with the results. Shine Ola leaves no residue and is an audible improvement I could eally hear. If you have big money inyour collection, try it! You won't be sorry. Ken NELSON

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I have tried most of the CD cleaners in my 20 years of buying CD's, and have not been totally happy with any product, until now.
This just goes to show that you know your “sh*t” from Shine Ola.

I use this product and their LP cleaner as well. I too had never been totally satisfied with cleaners until RR products came along. It’s amazing how much difference a small inexpensive tweak like this can make. We spend thousands of dollars on equipment and then forget to clean our software.
I've tried the other products, this one leaves no residue, powder, and doesn't smear. When I see these things, that tells me that they're either car wax or petroleum-based. RRL leaves no residue, and doesn't smear. Their microfibre cloth is the only scatch-free cloth I've received from any other cleaner product. The cloth is made by 3M. Audibly, it increases dynamics, freq. extension. Highly recommended!
Wow, I just posted a review for this under "Digital" and then stumbled upon this thread. I am in full agreement.
On the other hand, I don't see it yet. Of course it has only been about 4 hours ago.....:-(
I have to agree... I've been really impressed with Shine-Ola. Was previously using a Yamamura CD treatment, but it left a residue that would begin to appear after a few weeks. After using Shine-Ola for a few months, there is no trace of any residue and, as you say, the improvement in sound is definitely noticeable.
Eric, what about the Record Research LP cleaner you took home last night from our music session?

Have you tried it on those recently acquired classical LP's?

The RRL cleaners are incredible! Was searching around for a review that I could add on to, but came up empty. So, I started one over in the tweaks section. Thanks again!

Ditto, it's the only thing I've ever tried that really works. Also, their cloth really doesn't scratch the surface. I'll never burn another disc without cleaning it first, it really makes more of a difference to pre-clean before burning it. We have several Shinolas around the studio. My friends at Diversity Records turned me on to it, they use it for all their CDR releases!
K. Gray
Having ruined CD's years ago following Sam Telligs suggestion to use Armor All, I'd decided to forget using anything petroleum based on my discs.

A friend dropped by with his latest discovered tweak, Shine Ola. He told me it was safe to use, was alcohol and oil free and wouldn't etch my discs, so I decided to give it a try. I cleaned a CD as he sat on the listening couch just smiling. Wow! I had to rush over and turn down the volume of the preamp. I'm not sure if Shine Ola is improving the dynamics that much or if it is just making the disc easier to read, but it is a noticeable increase in volume. Did anyone else notice this?

Anyway, Shine Ola really improves the sound of any disc, CD's, or SACD's. It even works on DVD's at home. Instead of returning to the rental outfit with unplayable DVD's, I can now clean them and watch the movie. Highly recommended.
I've been using the Shine-ola for a while now. I see a phone number on the label, do they have a net site?. I'd like to get a couple more of the cloths. Any other source for these? Thanks