Review: Raven Audio CeLest Towers.

This is the original review I wrote in May of 2020 and part of it is posted on the Raven Audio website. 

Raven Audio Speakers Review. CeLest Tower Speakers.


Moon by Simaudio 390 Network Player/Preamplifier. (fantastic kit)

Moon by Simaudio A330 Amplifier.

Moon by Simaudio 260D CD Transport.

Analog, Rega RP8, Dynavector  DV 20X2 low MC cartridge.

All cabling was by Transparent audio and I have since reworked my system with Raven Audio Soniquil XLR and Speaker Cables.


Prior to ordering my Raven CeLest floor standing speakers I have had owned floor standers, bookshelf, and tower speakers from KEF, Focal, Klipsch, and most recently Sonus Faber Sonetto II and later the Olympica I with a 2 REL Sub.

“The CeLest Tower is our fun speaker”

Complete and total understatement James. My journey with these speakers began with reading a review on The Part Time Audiophile and I was very intrigued. I figured what the heck I will plunk down $3900 buck’s and give these bad boys a whirl. Hell, what’s to lose with Raven Audio’s 45 Day Risk Free Guarantee.

Rough Start, Great Customer Service.

So, I placed my order for these speakers and once they arrived I was slammed with work and just left them in the box in my shop. Flew off to Denver and Houston for meetings and came down with the COVID-19. Spent 2 weeks in bed.

I decided to set up the CeLest speakers (thinking I had fully recovered) and found that Raven had sent the wrong diffuser and I lost my mind. Sent Bryant a scathing email and that I was going to return them. 2 days later I calmed down sent Bryant an email and he confirmed my thoughts that they sent the diffuser for the Corvus. James Cromwell lives in Dallas and ran a new set over (had him put them in my mailbox did not want to give him the crud) outstanding customer service.


So let’s get to the point here. These speakers are FANTASTIC.

I have an eclectic taste in music and I will tell you these speakers have an outstanding soundstage no matter what you listen to.

First, I spun up on the RP8 Miles Davis Bithches Brew. The separation and midrange dynamics made my Olympicas sound flat and distant. The sound stage was wide and clear.

Next up Was Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On. Talk about clarity and my wife thought Mavin had been resurrected and was singing in my listening room. Crystal clear and dynamic.

Then we had to give the lower ranges a test. So we found some Stanley Clark on the Roon and gave I Wanna Play For You. This album has all the bass trappings from a standup string to electric and is joy to listen to on this system.

Rock and Roll yep these speakers will rock also, Yes, Black Sabbath, The Killers, Taking Heads, Trower, Beck, Led Balloon they will handle it all.

Please give these babies a shot and with 45 day return privileges what do you have to lose.

And do not forget the cables, 1/3 the cost and 10 times the quality of the usual suspects.

Gotta go time to dance with my bride just spun up Latin Percussion Jazz Ensemble, do the bossa nova.


Best regards.

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