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Happy Thanksgiving A'goners. I hope you didn't overdo it as I did. I don't know if it's correct to call this a 'tweak' but let me say this first: I believe this device is going to give a lot of high-end cable manufacturers fits and ulcers and render their claims moot. Overstatement? Read on. I can't quite get my head around how this works but I think I can say that this suppresses or shunts REI and EMI to such a degree that a level of clarity is achieved that has to heard to be believed. I came across this device at the VTV show in Arcaida, Ca., last weekend. I bought the ElectroClear module first. It's a simple device that looks like a common adaptor that plugs into an outlet or powerstrip and has an effective range of 10'. The level of clarity it provides is stunning. Even dvds look more detailed and natural. And all of this for $30 (show price). The next day I ordered the Symphony device which is several orders of magnitude better and well worth the $250 retail price.
Here's how it sounds to me:
David Poe : "Love is Red" 'You're the Bomb' has some great drum work and this product allows you to follow each distinct drum in the kit, allowing you to distinguish what is hit across the soundstage. Initial strike and the 'roundness' and tuning of each drum is clearly heard. Cymbals sparkle and decay most naturally and the guitar work is sublime.
Limoney Snicket's soundtrack: My favorite recording of late, just plain tickles my ears. You can hear the 'bite' of the bow as it strikes across the cello strings, followed by the varying pull of the bow and the earthy decay. With reed instruments you hear the rush of air folowed by the chuffing as it ends. The tricky, eccentric score, is clearly articulated, defined and so easy to follow. All this heightened clearness and deail is not in the least distracting. It's like seeing something in the gestalt manner but, instead, you're hearing eveything at once, as a whole, and it all makes sense as you hear the interplay of the orchestra.
Pais Combo: "Motiffs" and "Attraction": I've played the hell out of these two for the last 6 months or so and I thought I knew them. Wrong. There are some very subltle backing vocals, a few word here, there that I hadn't heard before. Softly spoken, not sung. I swear I can tell (I believe) if some of the sublte guitar strumming is being done with the base of the fingers or the nails. It's eerie.
Juan-Carlos Formell: "Cemeteries & Desire": a great, natural recording of a man and his guitar. My neighbors, who know my system and my tastes, thought I had somone playing in my apartment. 'nuff said.
The only comparison I can make is using Herbie's Grungebuster2 CD mat. What it does for mechanical and microphonic damping (and what a great job it does), Quantum's Symphony does for EMI and RFI suppression, only on a level several magnitudes greater. If you want a clear and articulate listening experience, then this might be your cup of tea. No one part of the music dominates the others: bass, midrange and treble are a cohesive whole as they are all equally enhanced.
I hope I covered all the bases. If not, check out Ask for Bill and he'll explain it a lot better than I did. On an aside, as I've seen here, let me assure you that I am not affiliated in any way with this company or it's product. I just believe in this enough to share it with you.
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All I can say is that if it sounds good to you....

I read their website & it's gobbleygook to me (back in the day, I took a whole lot of physics & quantum theory on the way to a PhD in Nuclear Chemistry & my reading of their website made no sense and they're not even consistent in what they say... sometimes QRT is a substance, sometimes it's a field).

I consider this kind of thing snakeoil, but have to admit I haven't listened to it. So, what right do I have to comment?

At the very least, what a vendor says about its producs should make sense. If some of the information is proprietary, so be it. Say so and don't wave magical incense... If the information is patented, refer us to the patent (they're protected).
I respect your background and knowledge and your inclination to doubt this but.... All I can say is I've taken it out and re-inserted it and the results are the same. Also, I'm told that they are actively looking for licensing agreements for laser, optical and medical applications. Granted, this might be part of the lure, but I just got off the phone with a gentleman from Quest For Sound (another purchase) and he's been selling Quantum's line for some time now. And the product wil be reviewed, on line, sometime soon, I believe by Positive Feedback. Anyway, this all means nothing until you try it.
Thanks for your honest opinion and I hope, if you try it, you can explain how it works.
I have one of these and it does work. For the longest time I had it pluged into an outllet next to a speaker. I never gave it much thought until I started trying to get my speakers in the best postion. The right speaker always seemed off and I could not get the imaging the way I thought it should be. I unplugged the Quantum (which was by the left speaker) and my problem was gone. I now use it behind my system rack to an amazing effect. But I agree it is gobbleygook!
You might be interested in reading this:

ElectroClear Review

This review appears to be from around 1998. The brand is the same although it may now be marketed by another company. Not certain.

Anyway, I have owned this device about that time and anyone wishing to borrow it let me know, we can working something out.
Maybe it works (I never said it didn't--I have no data), but I still object to the fact that their website is nonsensical... and that the audiophile community accepts that kind of positioning.
It's nice to know I haven't lost my mind or my hearing. I'll admit that the statements made are beyond my ken but my ears appreciate it most keenly.
Thanks for the responses.
I owned 3 symphonies. Adding them increases the effect. The Video really improves.
Alas, I noticed that it also does something funny to the mid bass quality. The tuneful bass almost disapears. Try it listen to the bass and then disconnect it. The pluses could not out weigh that negative.
I don't get that with mine when I diconnect it. Maybe it's system dependent or maybe it's due to the constraints of my listening room. It's small (10 1/2' x 15') and I'm 7' from the speakers (near field) which are about 10' apart. What I did notice was a slight reduction in (again, slight) midbass bloat which made it more tuneful. And that's with the sub in, or out. Go figure. I keep scratching my head over that one.
I have a Symphony Pro and I love it. The effect seemed to be subtle at first but when I got an upgraded power cord, it made a big difference. This is the power cord I am using now.
Have fun!
I also have a Symphomy Pro and I've found it to be a bit too much when placed in the same room as my system. There is such a thing as too much detail and that's when listening can get fatiguing. But I've found a happy medium by relocating the Quantum conditioner to the opposite side of the house. There is still an obvious glimmer instilled into my audio/video system but it's a manageable glimmer. I use an Audio Magic Silver Xtream cord and I'm telling you that there's no way I'd part with this little power conditioner. As far as Quantum's website, I put more stock in owners comments on products than what the manufactureer's have to say. That's where product research comes into play.