Review: Quantum Physics Noise Disrupter AC filter

Category: Accessories

These units are said to dramatically disrupt electromagnetic interference perhaps better then anything else on the market. They are sealed boxes either about 6 by 4 inches or the smaller version at about 3 by 2 inches. The contents are not disclosed, but supposedly inactivated if box pryed open. All I know is they work very well when placed properly. They did not help my amp or preamp, but definitely improved the reproduction of music when placed over my CDP, AC conditioner and under my line power cords. What happened. More air, high frequency extention, images more focused and solid with widened sound stage. My outstanding Stealth XXX AC Purifier had already removed the haize,grunge and performed many other improvements to the sound. The units are distributed by Audio Magic and also sold by The Cable Company. I highly recommend them. The improvement was at least on par with cable changes and perhaps a major component change. The price to performance ratio is a good value. ($215 for larger and $75 for smaller units) I use 3 larger units. No weaknesses when placed properly. I play classical and jazz music most of the time.

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