Review: Purist Audio Design Opis Interconnect

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Review : Purist Opis Interconnect

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Cardas Golden Reference
Purist Venustas

Review System: Esoteric DV50 ->BAT VK51SE -> BAT VK75SE -> Wilson Watt Puppy 6.0, see link for more details and pics.

The following comments are in context of my system, my room, and my opinions. YMMV

The very first thing you notice is quietness. Eerily quiet compared to others I've used. The very next thing that hits you is detail and body. You'll hear this with in seconds of the first music you play. The Purist Opis has a unique ability to seriously lower the noise floor. With this, more of the music that's there comes out-naturally. Nothing seems hyped up, spot lit, or missing. Even though the bass seems to go much deeper, the highs higher. This increased detail extends through out the whole frequency range. Bass guitars, and Cello's have more vibration, more depth, more a round character. Vocals are larger, more fleshed out, more warm. Careful, this warmth does not mean less extension on the top end. Cymbals and brushes appear from the blackness with the ability to portray the directions of the brush strokes, or the decay of effect after the stick hits the metal.

In comparison to the Transparent Ref w/XL and Ultra XL. The big standout is detail. Similar tonal qualities..but the Purist Opis' increased detail add tremendously to the sense of realism. Vs Cardas Golden Reference, another great cable, same things apply, but the frequency extreme and extension really begins to show here. The Purist Opis cable is simply in a different league than either Transparent or the Cardas. Vs Venustas, much much closer call here. At times these can be virtually identical. However overtime you notice the Opis is slightly blacker, better dynamics, and slightly warmer, w/o sacrificing detail on top. Opis really allows my digital to sound wonderful.

Break-in takes about 150 hours. And makes some noticeable changes. With all the great qualities above just getting better.

I bought the Opis.

Music is typically jazz (bill evans, miles davis, duke ellington), rock/country (norah jones, allison krauss, sarah mclaughlin)

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I will be evaluating the Opis speakercable and Venustas ic; they will be compared to Nirvana SL speakercable and Nirvana SX ic. I'm very curious !!

If you want, I'll keep in touch.

Rest of my system:
-Kharma CE3.1
-Symphonic Line Kraftwerk int amp
-Audio Aero Prima dac
-Metronome T1A transport
-Amazon 1 tt


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