Review: Pure Note Alluvian Interconnect

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My type of music certainly dictates my choices of equipment and cables. I lean to female vocalist, especially Celtic and percussion instrumentals. Next would be light classical. I would be considered elderly by most standards.

When I started this quest I tried 6 or 8 similar priced I.C.’s from well known brands in the economical price range of Pure Note; all left me wanting for something more up front and detailed. Enhanced paragon gave me my first taste of Pure note and felt that I was on the right track, however, when I changed to their Vanguard model I smiled with appreciation. My likes; detail, clarity and a sense that the vocalist or instruments were in the room. I have been very pleased except that I thought the sound stage could be larger, hence my trying the Alluvion. Detail and clarity are there with dark background. The notes hang in the air forever especially with piano and the sound stage is larger. There is a trade off though, at least for me. I no longer feel the performer is right there in front of me. The sound stage is larger, but with it comes the sense that the music is coming from a holographic vision rather than their actual presence.

I like Pure Note, now called TRS Audio. and would like to find the larger stage and the the presence of the performer both in the same package at a price that I can still afford.

Associated gear
Jeff Rowland pre amp Consanance
Jeff Rowland Amp model 2
Denon 3910 CD player
Magnapan speakers

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I find your review to match my listening experiences of the lower cost Alluvion cables. The solution is the Designers Edition which comes closer to perfection but at a far greater cost. However, the demo cables TRS Audio has been offering of late closes the price gap.

So what makes the Designers sound better than Pure Note's previous designs? The gold wire and Furutech plugs according to TRS Audio. The Designers are definitely purer and more natural sounding than the Alluvion or any other Pure Note cable of yore. I have found gold alloys to offer a richer sound (Gabriel Golds). Also copper based connectors sound better than the typically cheap brass ones used in other makes.

Is still think the Alluvion is a great bang for the buck cable. It has excelled in many critical areas. It sounds less sterile than my Valhalla interconnects.