Review: PS Audio Ultimate Outlet AC filter

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I have an eclectic library of music that ranges from Mozart to Chinese opera. The recordings that I chose to use for this test were "Hell Freezes Over" by the Eagles that features a well recorded live acoustic version of Hotel California and Salif Keita's new album "Moffou" that has a beautiful opening track titled Yamore with special guest performer Cesaria Evora.

Sound to me must be realistic, as if the artist were performing in front of me. It must draw me in and create a listening "experience" that brings out some sort of emotion after a song is over. The worst thing a system could do to turn me off would be to take away that intimacy and dynamic impact by being dull and untrue to the music that has been recorded.

I have had the ultimate outlet powering my system for two weeks. At first, I did not really notice a big difference. I switched between each of the two tracks listed above and said to myself that this was another audio product that was too essoteric for me to appreciate. It was only after removing this outlet from my system that I noticed a big difference. When I pulled it out of the system, I lost some presence that was there, the depth of the bass and the clarity of the voices. They returned after I plugged the ultimate outlet into the system.

I believe that this is a strong addition to any person's system. It has incredible build quality. It helps the music come alive to my ears. It is a great buy.

There are only two outlets on the unit. You must purchase a separate strip if you wish to plug in the rest of your components. It comes with a standard power cord that should be upgraded.

Associated gear
Audio Refinement Multi 2, Audio Refinement Complete cd, Cambridge Audio pre-amp, Millersound cables (similar to JPS Superconductors), Platinum Audio Solos

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Hello Alfredel,

I also found the Ultimate Outlet a great addition to my set-up. It purifies the signal and reduced a layer of 'mush' while bringing forth a much 'blacker' background from which the music sprung forth with authority and ease. Since I have the juicebar, I also plugged my Sony XBR RPTV into the UO and enjoyed a better picture as well--i.e. better contrast, more vibrant and saturated colors as well as quieter background.

One more thing, if you have not installed the Power Port in your system, I suggest you also give it a try. It is surprisingly good and additive to the above.

Happy listening!
Well said.
I auditioned one and I hoped that once I removed it from my system I could get away from purchasing one,.....
not ! .Couldn't do it .It is in my opinion the very
best and cheapest way to clean the crap off the AC
& provide a bonus surge and lightning protection to boot.
A must have for any system.
Try it for a month then take it out...