Review: PS Audio Ultimate Outlet AC filter

Category: Accessories

I listen to a variety of analog recordings, both in musical style and quality of vinyl. Black backgrounds are a key to my listening enjoyment. I dislike upfront and in your face systems.

I have owned the 20 amp (20 amp iec) for approximately 2 years. It recently replaced one of the Blue Circle PLC's, which in turn had replaced a MIT Z-Centre.

Overall the background became blacker and allowed the music to flow without adding or deleting anything.

Strengths: blacker background
quiet as old heck

Weaknesses: (More of a complaint than a weakness)At the time PS audio had not introduced the 20
amp, 15 iec plug. This annoyed me, as I had to
find a suitable 20 amp powercord (as you know
this is no easy feat even now). As a result I had less of a chance to compare suitable AC cords.

I tried the 15 amp PS Audio (regular version), but the loss of dynamics was unacceptable. This did not happen with the 20 amp version and currently everything in my System goes through the 20 amp version of the PS Audio Ultimate Outlet.

I see no reason for a change as I have owned to tried many prior to this purchase and am quite happy with it.

Associated gear
audiomat solfege, audiomat phono 1, clearaudio champion tt, act .5 tonearm, dynavector cartridge Karat 17D2, meadowlark shearwater hot rods, various cables.

Similar products
owned and trialed in no particular order: chang, mit, blue circle, API.
I wish that I had found this little gem before I tried
any form of conditioning or power cord upgrade for that
The High Current one is required to run any amp from it though.
I have my Sim Audio W-5 running into one side of it and
has no lack of power or dynamics.
A must have for any system.
I use a Chang Lightspeed out the other side for pre and source ,etc.
Peter D.