Review: PS Audio P-300 AC filter

Category: Accessories

Ever since getting the Aragon from a fellow Audiogoner and the Musical Fidelity I have been looking to get the most out of them. I noticed huge changes right away from the Adcom separates I had been using. I then had a dedicated line put it, more positive changes albeit subtle. Then I got all new interconnects and a power cord from Frank at Signal Cable. Once again significant improvement was noted what with these cables and the dedicated line. I then read about the power plants and knew I had to have one. I received it from a fellow audiogoner in wonderful shape and hooked it up last night. I listened this morning. I stared with Albert King and SRV's blues classic In Session. Wow! Better detail, a veil had been peeled away. More space around instruments and a precise location to all of them. The Aragon warmed up my system dramatically but the P-300 warmed it even more. I then put on the remastered Who's Next classic and once more wonderful sounds and little details came out that were previously masked. It was hard for me to pull the trigger on this but after one 90 minute listen I'm convinced it was money more than well spent. I can't wait to listen again but I have to leave town for a few days! darn! I listen to hard classic rock, blues and jazz with classical thrown in as well from time to time. This piece also did not get overly hot at all like I had read it could. My Aragon was actually hotter to the touch than the Power Plant and I could leave my hand on it easily. The fan was not on nor did it come on. I have to check on that. Very satisfied and no reason to think it won't get better. Zar

Associated gear
Aragon 8008BB
Musical Fidelity A3cr Pre-Amp
Cal Audio Labs Alpha-Delta
Mirage M5 si speakers bi wired with Audioquest cable
Signal Cable power cord from amp to dedicated line
Ps Audio extreme plus and punch power cored from the wall to the P-300 and pre-amp to 300 respectively.

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