Review: Promethean Special Granite Stand

Category: Accessories

My first isolation stand was built some years ago by Mike Hobson of Classic Records using hundreds of pounds of sand and 1.5 inch bluestone slabs. Later, this extremely massive stand was upgraded to include air bladders, on top of which rested my VPI turntable. I was positive this set-up could not be improved upon. But I began to have some doubts about this after auditioning some Promethean stands that Geoff Kait of Machina Dynamica sent for my amps and PS Audio Power Regenerator. Eventually, at Geoff's urging, I decided to mount the VPI turntable directly on the floor on a special,
purpose-built Promethean that employs 1.5 inch thick 36x24 polished granite plates (purchased nearby). The floor-mounted Promethean produced considerably better sound than the massive stand w/ air bladders. One thing to mention: the very heavy David Elrod Fat Man power cords in my system had to be carefully arranged to avoid exerting forces that could interfere with the Promethean. I highly recommend the Promethean - it's certainly one of the best improvements I've made. Note: My system is set up in the basement of a building in the city, with quite a bit of traffic in the area. - Lou at Times Square Records, NYC (
I have used the Promethean stand under my modded Shanling CDT100 with incredible results. I plan in installing this stand under my Wilson Benesh Full Circle turntable.