Review: Proac Response 1sc Monitor

Category: Speakers

The ProAc Response 1sc speakers have a seductive sound. It is very open with a large soundstage, as the speakers seem to disapear, leaving just the muscians playing in the room with you. When listening to acoustic jazz, the various instruments come to life, each having its own distinctive character. Acousitc bass is very life like, although it can lose a little control when pushed hard, considering the size of the driver. Listening to classical music, for example, Muzzorskys "Night on Bald Mountain", the speakers holds its own, is very dynamic (when driven by a good amp), sounds silky sweet with strings, as brass, woodwind, and piano tones all sound life like. When listening to rock, Santana's "Evil Ways", the music just moves, keeping great tempo and beat.

I've previously owned Soliloqy 5.0's, which also had a very open sound. The soundstage seemed to be more up front, while the ProAc's seem to be more recessed, front to back.
They both have a nice open top end, but the ProAc's seem to have better control in the bass. The Totem Rokk's were also good speakers for the money, but don't have the detail and control of the ProAc's. The Totem Model ones have a more dynamic sound, with greater bass extension.
The Sonus Faber Concerto's are a favorite. I've never owned a pair, although I've listend to a friends pair, several times. It has a quality about them that is very engaging. Open, warm, dynamic and nice to look at.

Overall, I think the ProAc Response 1sc speakers are classic, and one of the best moniter speakers available.

Associated gear
McCormack TLC-1 preamp, BAT VK 200 power amp, Sony DVP 9000 SACD/DVD player, Kimber 8TC speaker cables, Totem balanced cables, Kimber interconects

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